Team BikeExchange hunting stage wins at Tour de Pologne

Team BikeExchange will line-up for the 78th Tour de Pologne with a powerful team ready to fight on all fronts as they go hunting for stage wins.

Australian criterium champion Kaden Groves and the fast-finishing Dion Smith give the squad options in the sprints, while Estonian Tanel Kangert will lead the GC charge across the seven days of racing.

Michael Hepburn, Alexander Konychev and Barnabás Peák will give the team powerful support alongside Tsgabu Grmay who will look to assist Kangert on the hilly stages throughout the week.

Team BikeExchange at Tour de Pologne
Tsgabu Grmay (ETH)
Kaden Groves (AUS)
Michael Hepburn (AUS)
Tanel Kangert (EST)
Alexander Konychev (ITA)
Barnabás Peák(HUN)
Dion Smith (NZL)

Tanel Kangert
“I’m really looking forward to getting back to ‘normal’ racing again. The Japanese experience was so unique that I only accepted it because it was a one-time unique occasion. I expected to perform better, but my legs just did not respond in the heat.

Poland is such a beautiful country and racing there feels almost like racing home to me coming from the Baltics. I think this race will be decided with the time trial, so I will have to find my TT legs to do well here.”

Gene Bates – Sport Director
“The race profile on paper looks to be easier than we have seen in the past, so we are expecting to see more stages arrive in a sprint.

In terms of the GC though, it puts more pressure on the fourth stage (hill-top finish) and the time trial. We still expect to see some very hard racing, and it could be a case that the time bonuses in each stage become very important.

We have a well-rounded team, with some fast guys in Groves and Smith, and also Kangert for the overall. We will look for stage results, and support Tanel for the best GC result we can deliver.

We will approach the race to support the sprints and more selective stages, we will have clear roles around these stages for everyone. But, there are also some stages that could easily arrive in a breakaway, and we have the riders here to be aggressive and ready to take advantage on these stages. It looks like there will be plenty of opportunities for everyone this week.

2021 Tour de Pologne race details:
Monday, 9th August, Stage 1: Lublin to Chelm, 216 km
Tuesday, 10th August, Stage 2: Zamość to Przemyśl, 201 km
Wednesday, 11th August, Stage 3: Sanok to Rzeszów, 226 km
Thursday, 12th August, Stage 4: Tarnów to Bukowina Tatrzańska, 160 km
Friday, 13th August, Stage 5: Chocholów to Bielsko-Biala, 172 km
Saturday, 14th August, Stage 6: Katowice to Katowice (ITT), 18 km
Sunday, 15th August, Stage 7: Zabrze to Kraków, 145 km

Photo Courtesy of Getty Sport.