ON THE WHEEL: Part 3, Episode 2 – Finally, Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift, Trying to Bounce Back

In this second and ultimate episode of PART 3 – ‘Finally, Tour de France Femmes’ – we continue to follow Team BikeExchange-Jayco women’s inspiring journey at the inaugural edition of this prestigious race.
This is a real inside look at the team and how they tackled each day of the demanding race, including the impressive manner in which they handled the unfortunate withdrawal of team leader Amanda Spratt on the morning of stage three.
Plans were turned upside down for Spratt and the team, but the squad quickly regrouped, reassessed, and went on the offensive, looking for any opportunity they could.
It was the biggest, most watched women’s race on the calendar, an important milestone for women’s cycling, and all teams and riders tried to arrive on the start line with their strongest rosters and in the best shape of their lives. Naturally, there were highs and lows, the pressure was on, the physical demands were high and crashes, tension, and big expectations were all a part of the racing.
In Episode 2 – Trying to Bounce Back, we follow the story of the race day-by-day. We hear from the riders and staff – what were their own personal expectations? What did they battle through? Was it a success?
Join the team and re-live the amazing event; the first of many exciting editions to come.