5 Top Tips for Keeping the Family Happy During Isolation

Thu 9 Apr 2020

Each Thursday, we're catching up with some of our pros and asking them for their 'top tips' for the current isolation period. Each week will have a different topic and this week Daryl Impey has us covered with his five top tips for keeping the family happy in isolation.

1. Take the opportunity to learn more about your family

Being home as taught me a lot about my family. We moved house just before the lockdown and it gave us a chance to not have any Internet or TV for over a week. I realised how much negative talk there is out there and how much time we spend watching nothing. Spending time outdoors, we lucky to have a garden now, was a nice distraction. I thought we would be bored, to be honest I have never been so active at home. It has been good to do the things I rarely get the chance to do with the kids.

2. Help the kids with thier homework 

Everyday the kids get something to do from their school. I am learning some Catalan and Spanish words and once again I really enjoy this. One would think it would be boring or tedious, but I realise it's actually above my level of Spanish so I am one the learning as well!


3. Keep the kids active

Zwift has been great, especially our team rides. Even here I manage to set the two boys up with me and that kills 30min for them and keeps them active. They just love passing other people. My eldest did the full 1.5.hours the other day, so that was quite a surprise. I was more surprised when he just wanted to head straight outside to go play soccer again once he finished!

4. Phone home

Call mates and family from home. We have had a few video chats with zoom and actually done some cool things with my friend, David Higgs, back home who is chef. We hook up a video and he guides me through on how to cook and what to cook, so that is cool, chatting to a mate and learning at the same time. I just take a picture of the fridge and away we go.

5. Find a way to make chores fun

There are always chores you never get around to doing. I have waited a few years to clean my scooter, we did it as a family, it turned out to be a hit. The car is next on the list and then it's time to haul out the bikes, we have a few days to go so we will get cracking on those soon.

Words and photos by Daryl Impey.