In His Own Words: Christian Meier on Tour de Beauce - Stage 1

Thu 28 Jun 2012

Christian Meier, racing alongside Svein Tuft with the Canadian National Team, finished fourth on the opening stage of the Tour de Beauce. Although we won’t be providing full-fledged race reports from Quebec, Christian has agreed to provide daily updates throughout the race. Read what he had to say about stage one below.

Today was probably one of the easiest starts in the history of Beauce with a group of three going clear early on in the stage. This race is known as aggressive from the gun, and usually a big general classification group slips away from the start. It was unusual that such a small break went away.

The stages here cover difficult terrain. Today’s stage featured many hills, and you could see it was taking a toll on the peloton towards the end of the race. Five kilometers from the finish, there was tough little roller. Francisco Mancebo (Competitive Cyclist) and a few others slipped away from the bunch. I hesitated for less than a second before following, and I didn’t quite make the junction.

From there a small group formed with Svein and another Canadian National Team teammate. We essentially caught Mancebo, who won the stage, on the line – and with the help of my teammates, I was able to sprint to fourth.

Svein and I both felt that are legs were a bit rusty after the break following the Giro d’Italia, and we’re hoping today was a good opener. Tomorrow will be another tough stage, but I anticipate the sprinter teams asserting control as the day finishes on a flat circuit. We’ll keep pushing on and look for any opportunities we can creat.