In His Own Words: Christian Meier on Tour de Beauce - Stage 5

Thu 28 Jun 2012

Christian Meier returns with his daily Tour de Beauce race report. For those who haven’t been following along, Christian and Svein Tuft are racing in Canada with the Canadian National Team.

Today’s stage went more or less how we thought it could go. An early break went away and UnitedHealthcare took care of controlling the gap for race leader Rory Sutherland. The stage consisted of 13 times around a circuit in Quebec City. The course was very similar to the one used during the WorldTour races with a decent climb every lap.

Francisco Mancebo (Competitve Cyclist) made a few attempts to break the race up on the climb but the field always remained more or less in check. The break stayed away to the finish, and both Svein and I stayed with the general contenders to the line.

I had hoped to finish a few spots ahead of Mancebo to pick up so points. In addition to sitting third overall, I’m also second in the points classification. Mancebo is a strong, smart rider, and he wasn’t going to give those points away. We finished more or less side-by-side on the stage.

Tomorrow will be another tough day in the saddle. We’ll see if there are any last shakes up on the overall, and as always, we’ll keep our eyes open for any opportunities we can create.