In His Own Words: Christian Meier on Tour de Beauce - Stage 6

Thu 28 Jun 2012

Christian Meier, racing alongside Svein Tuft as part of the Canadian National Team, checks in from the final stage of Tour de Beauce.

Today was the aggressive stage we had anticipated, but in the end there was no big general classification shape up. Francisco Mancebo (Competitive Cyclist) raced extremely aggressively on the circuit’s hard climbs. I had to follow each move he made as UnitedHealthCare followed with Marc De Mar – who wasn’t too far behind me on GC.

Ultimately, on the final lap, we reabsorbed the entire breakaway except for two riders who remained just ahead of the group. A few teams tried to get organized, but they had left it too late to make the catch.

I had Svein put me in the perfect spot for the finish. I was second in the field sprint for fourth on the stage (because of the two riders off the front). It marked my third fourth place finish on the tour.

I had really hoped for a stage result, but the team is satisfied with third on general classification. We’re a smaller team here, so we had to pick and choose our efforts. Svein was a tremendous help to me this week – as was the whole Canadian National Team. We were a small team, but we raced with a lot of heart.

From here, Svein and I look ahead to Canadian National Championships. We’ll see what we can come up with there.

Thanks for following along.