Adam Yates - “Two Grand Tours is something I have never done and it’s a new challenge.”

Wed 22 Feb 2017

2016 Tour de France white jersey winner Adam Yates will have a different approach to this year’s season as he takes on the challenge of two Grand Tours - the Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a Espana.

Despite his young age, 24-year-old Yates has featured in the past few editions of the Tour de France and is now looking ahead to a change and the task of making his debut in two Grand Tours.

“Two Grand Tours is something I have never done and it’s a new challenge,” Yates explained. “I have ridden the Tour (de France) now for the past couple of years and even my first year as a professional, I rode the Tour program without doing the Tour, so I think a change is good and a new challenge is good.”

“Whether we can get the same result and do the same performance across two Grand Tours in a year, that’s what we will find out but we are looking forward to that challenge.”

After his impressive fourth place in the 2016 Tour de France, Yates and ORICA-SCOTT acknowledge that it may come as a surprise to some, his absence from the Tour de France, however the well thought out decision is part of a bigger picture in Yates’ development and will enable him to ‘build a bigger foundation’ according to sport director Matt White. 

“Everyone always says when you start doing more volume, especially with two Grand Tours, you get a lot more endurance and fitness and it helps you build for the year after,” said Yates. “By doing two (Grand Tours) this year, we can work again getting more experience and go into next year even stronger.”

With high ambitions for 2017, Yates is looking forward to making his debut in an important edition of the Giro d’Italia. 

“The 100th edition gives the Giro some big prestige this year. If we can get as close to the podium as possible, that is the aim,” Yates continued. “There is a lot of time trialling and a lot of big names but we are putting the work in, we are working hard and we will see how it goes.”