Albasini to retire at home in 2020

Thu 31 Oct 2019

Suisse veteran Michael Albasini has signed with Mitchelton-SCOTT for 2020 with the plan of retiring at home race, the Tour of Suisse, in June. 

Known for coming into his own in wet and harsh weather conditions, Albasini is one of the founding members of Mitchelton-SCOTT and a crucial contributor, not just in results but also to the team’s culture.  

The 38-year-old, who will turn 39 before the 2020 season, has taken 18 professional wins in his past eight seasons with the team and is motivated to make the most of his final six months as a cyclist. 

Fittingly, his farewell will be on home turf, in his 16th appearance at the Tour of Suisse, and in front of family and friends.

Michael Albasini:
“It’s great to finish your career in a race that you really like as a rider. It’s a race I’ve always had a good relationship with, it’s a home race and for any rider it is great to be able to finish at home.  

“Even within the organisation there’s a lot of former teammates, so it’ll be like finishing with your school class and it makes it much easier for family to come and that is one of the most important points.

“This season it was getting harder to find motivation and to keep motivated. It cost me, in time, more and more energy, and often in the second half of the season it’s different.

“Like this, I have my finish line, and this is the best way to finish.

“I don’t have any set goals in terms of results for this final part of my career. I just really want to nail my last preparation, do everything right and get up to the highest level possible.  If I can get that, some results will come, but for myself I just want to have the best possible approach and shape for the last part of my career and enjoy myself.

“If it all comes together, there will be results, individual or for the team, but I will finish knowing I have done everything right and be proud of that.” 

Matt White – Head Sport Director:
“Alba was a founding member and the first year, with Volta Catalunya for starters, he had some big wins and helped put this team on the board.

“Ever since then he has been a heavy contributor, on and off the bike, to the development of the culture of this team.

“It’s a really nice at 38/39 years of age, that he can finish his career on his terms.

“We expect another big six months next year, starting somewhere in Spain in February and finishing on his own turf in Switzerland. There’s still a lot of racing to go for Alba, but he knows where the finish line is, and that’s at home.”

Michael Albasini
Date of birth: 20 December 1980 (38)
Nationality: Suisse
Turned Pro: 2003
Joined Mitchelton-SCOTT: 2012