BikeExchange launch dedicated ORICA-GreenEDGE & ORICA-AIS channel

Thu 9 Jul 2015

ORICA-GreenEDGE and ORICA-AIS are thrilled to announce the launch of an exclusive team channel on BikeExchange.

Since the teams’ inception we have benefited from BikeExchange’s support as our official online media partner.  This channel is a great opportunity for us to take that relationship a lot further, all for the benefit of our fans.

From exclusive interviews, video footage, expert advice and behind-the-scenes insights, the dedicated BikeExchange channel will have it all.

BikeExchange, which now operates in Australia, New Zealand, Germany and the U.S, has over 1-million visits to its sites each month. ORICA-GreenEDGE and ORICA-AIS is Australian owned, but our fan base is now well and truly global, and in conjunction with the team’s existing assets, this channel with further service all our supporters.

The Channel has premiered with some exceptional advice straight from our science team around themes such as the psychology of suffering, watts vs. power and physiology vs. training. Riders have provided great tips on themes including how to improve your descending, how to climb like a pro, how to negotiate and lead-out train and how to bunch ride safely.

There’s a series of one-on-one light-hearted interviews that give you a glimpse into some of the personalities on board, and we’re also starting to profile some of the products we use so you can get our thoughts first-hand.

And it goes without saying that our Backstage Passes and (infamous and exceptionally talented) music videos can also be found here.

We will be working with our friends at BikeExchange to constantly refresh this channel, so fans will always find something entertaining, informative or you-found-it-first-here.

To visit the channel, click here.

Down the track this Channel will also feature exclusive promotions, tickets to team events and activities and plenty more.

It’s a really exciting new venture and we encourage our fans to sign up to BikeExchange so they hear and see things first on our Channel.

To subscribe, click here.