Double the fun as Hammer Series extends to two races in 2018

Tue 27 Feb 2018

After the success of the inaugural edition in 2017, Hammer Series will return this year with a new event in Stavanger, Norway to proceed the return of the Limberg, Netherlands race.

The two-race Series, a key initiative of team-owned Velon alongside the likes of live rider data and on-board footage, is seen as a crucial development in the commercial sustainability of cycling teams and the longevity of cycling in a fast-paced sporting environment.

25 – 27 May                Stavanger, Norway
1 – 3 April                   Limberg, Netherlands 

Throwing support behind the concept, Mitchelton-SCOTT is looking forward to the opportunity to fight for ‘team’ glory.

Shayne Bannan – Mitchelton-SCOTT general manager:
Going into the 2017 Hammer Series event there was of course some uncertainty as to how the new racing concept would play out,” Bannan explained. “But I can honestly say that our riders enjoyed the new challenge and as a team we are already looking at ways to be competitive and improve on our third-place finish.”

“We see the return of Cameron Meyer as a key player in that, and the potential for growth around the Hammer Series in years to come was a key consideration in his signing. A world-class track rider, he is the ultimate Hammer Series ‘player’ – with assets to help across all three Hammer disciplines.

“The racing is short and fast and I’m confident it will engage a new fan base and excite the old. The new dimension of following Hammer via the app also make cycling more accessible than ever before.”

Luke Durbridge on the inaugural event in 2017:
“I think it’s a really great event. Coming from a track background I really understand and enjoy this kind of racing, it’s not about the first guy over the line it’s about the team and accumulated points.”

“That makes you calculate more in the actual race, which as a rider makes you think more and forces you to adapt. The concept is good and I think it’s a great new event for cycling.”



Each Hammer race is made up of three Hammer race days - the Hammer Climb, the Hammer Sprint and the Hammer Chase. Teams select five riders for each race from a pool of seven so they can field their strongest sprinters, climbers and time trialists for the respective race days.

Day 1 - Hammer Climb
The Hammer Climb is a points race, aimed to test the teams over 7-12 laps of a climbing course. Points are awarded to the first 10 riders across the line at the end of each lap, with double points on offer on three laps including the final. 

Day 2 - Hammer Sprint
The Hammer Sprint is another points race, this time taking place over laps of a fast, flat circuit. Once again, points are awarded to the first 10 teams to get a rider over the line at the end of each lap, with double points available on three laps including the final. The race winners are the team that have accumulated the most points, with the top 10 riders receiving bonus points in descending order, that contribute to their starting position in the Hammer Chase on Day 3.

Day 3 - Hammer Chase
Day Three is the decider: the Hammer Chase, a team time trial with a twist. The team in pole position on the leaderboard following the previous two days of racing are first off, and following a fixed time period, they’re pursued by the second placed team and so on. In this thrilling fox and hound type format, the first team over the line will win the Hammer Chase and claim overall victory, earning the title of Hammer Champions.