Feature: Kennedy’s Brisbane dirt road ride

Sun 25 Nov 2018

Australian climber Lucy Kennedy, a raw talent and latecomer to cycling has made her way through the ranks and enjoyed her first season in a WorldTour team, overcoming injuries with some strong performances along the way. 

A fifth place at the start of the season in Strade Bianche was a clear indicator of her ability and potenital and one of her season highlights. Here she gives us an insight into one of her favourite home training loops which maybe explains her ability to race well on the gravel roads. Why not give it a go yourself?

Where is the ride?

“The loop starts in Brisbane, Australia and goes west out through a place called Samford and up a three kilometre dirt climb, it is a solid 10% dirt road, climbing for about three kilometre," Kennedy explained.

"How it goes depends if they grade it, if it has just been graded then it is a beautiful smooth road and that climbs up to a place called Mount Glorious and then decent to Mount Nebo. It is a rolling descent into the western suburbs of Brisbane.

“From the centre of Brisbane the loop is about 70-80kilometres, it gets pretty cold in Australia winter in the valley and for a while I had a ‘goat track bunchie’ and we would go every Wednesday morning.

"It is a ride that I love because this dirt road is my single favourite piece of road in Brisbane and the descent is really fun with some little punchy climbs."

When is the best time to do it?

“In Brisbane you can ride any time of the year. Early in the morning is probably the best time to ride, the traffic is a bit lighter but having said that the roads are alwyas pretty quiet," continued Kennedy.

“There is a cafe up Mount Nebo but I usually stop when I get back into Brisbane and the ride is done and dusted. There is a service station at the bottom of Mount Nebo which is great to fill up bottles, you’re usually pretty empty by then."

A good training loop?

“The road out to the climb is really good to get some efforts done before the climb, then the climb itself is a good solid effort," the Australian said. "The descent is good for a bit of race play with the little kickers so I sometimes use it as a ´tune up.'

“All the guys that I used to ride this loop with all claimed that my fifth place in Strade Bianche this year is because of riding this climb with them.”

The 'Goat Track Bunchie':

Start: Brisbane centre
Distance: 70-80km
Dirt Climb: From Samford, 3km 
Peak: Mount Glorious, 600m altitude, 30km North West from Brisbane
Finish: Brisbane centre

Photo courteys of Getty Images