FEATURE: Magical month of May for Mitchelton-SCOTT

Fri 1 Jun 2018

Mitchelton-SCOTT men and women have ridden one of their most successful months in history, recording 16 victories across Europe in May.

The men’s team recorded 11 wins headlined by five stage victories at the Giro d’Italia, including three stages to Simon Yates in the leader’s Maglia Rosa and two others courtesy of Esteban Chavesand Mikel Nieve.

Encouraged by the performances in Italy, Michael Albasiniannounced his return to form following early-season sickness to claim a stage and overall victory at the Tour des Fjords before joining a motivated team at Hammer Stravanger to take a clean-sweep of the Sprint, Climb and Chase events to convincingly win the overall competiton.

For the women’s team, it was another successful mid-season team camp that triggered an influx of success.

Debuting her rainbow jersey and custom SCOTT bike in Europe, world time trial champion Annemiek van Vleuten won the stage two time-trial at Emakumeen Bira to take the race lead before teammate Amanda Spratt was allowed on a long-range solo attack to claim the final stage and overall victory.

Returning to action last weekend, Spratt took a second consecutive victory with a small team lining up at SwissEver GP Cham – Hangerdorn whilst on the same day a second squad rode Gooik-Geraardsbergen-Gooik with Sarah Roy and Gracie Elvin coming to the line alone to give Mitchelton-SCOTT another dream 1-2.

Mitchelton-SCOTT general manager Shayne Bannan praised the performances of the two outfits.

“We knew when we started the 2018 season that we had established two of the most well-rounded squads we have seen in our team’s history,” Bannan said. “But we were under no illusion that taking those lists and turning them into results was not a given.”

“For us, it’s the team dynamic that is the most crucial element of a team’s success on and off the bike and you only have to look at our results to see we are on the right path.

“Our stage six victory at the Giro d’Italia and women’s performance at Gooik-Geraardsbergen-Gooik are two postcard advertisements of that team dynamic. To have two riders from the same team come to the line to raise their arms in triumph together is the stuff of dreams. To have that twice in one month is incredible.

“We are not getting ahead of ourselves, there is a long season ahead, but it’s also important to acknowledge and celebrate the wins – they are not easy to come across. And our start to the year, followed by 16 victories in the month of May alone is something we are truly proud of.”

May Victories:
1. Giro d’Italia – Stage 6 (Esteban Chaves)
2. Giro d’Italia – Stage 9 (Simon Yates)
3. Giro d’Italia – Stage 11 (Simon Yates)
4. Giro d’Italia – Stage 15 (Simon Yates)
5. Emakumeen Bira – Stage 2 TT (Annemiek van Vleuten)
6. Emakumeen Bira – Stage 4 (Amanda Spratt)
7. Emakumeen Bira – General Classification (Amanda Spratt)
8. Tour des Fjords – Stage 3 (Michael Albasini)
9. Tour des Fjords – General Classification (Michael Albasini)
10. Hammer Stravanger – Hammer Climb (Team)
11. Hammer Stravanger – Hammer Sprint (Team)
12. Hammer Stravanger – Hammer Chase (Team)
13. Hammer Stravanger – General Classification (Team)
14. Giro d’Italia – Stage 20 (Mikel Nieve)
15. Gooik-Geraardsbergen-Gooik (Sarah Roy)
16. SwissEver GP Cham - Hangerdorn (Amanda Spratt)