FEATURE: We are united

Tue 12 Sep 2017

Team: > A group of people linked in a common purpose.

Cycling is often viewed as an individual sport conducted with teams, but is that a fair definition? Individual results can over shadow the achievements of the team, but the individual rarely gets the chance to compete for a result without the work of the team.

Chris Juul Jensen of ORICA-SCOTT talks us through what being part of the team means to him.

“It’s quite easy for me to talk about the team ethic, specifically this team,” said Juul-Jensen. “Because it is a team that suits my characteristics and my development really well.”

“I have said before that maybe the best defining aspect of ORICA-SCOTT is that it is set up and run like a family. You have support from everyone involved and that in turn makes you feel that you’re part of something bigger than a cycling team.

“There is a great camaraderie within the team and everyone fights for one another which really brings to the surface what the team ethic should really be about. Individuals win bike races, but it is a team contribution and importantly a team celebration.”

ORICA-SCOTT is a team fortunate to enjoy a balance of youthful talent and experienced pedigree within the squad, something that Juul-Jensen sees as a vital component to the team’s continual progression and success.

“There is an amazingly balanced mix of riders in this team,” continued Juul-Jensen. “We have youth and experience and in every corner, there’s world class talent. To be able to ride with and learn from a Paris-Roubaix champion like Mat Hayman is a massive privilege for a younger rider like myself.”

“It is a great compliment to Mat and the team with how he imparts knowledge to his teammates, but also states himself that even after so many years at the top he is still learning and able to adopt new techniques from younger teammates and has the desire to continue to develop.

“We are very serious about the objectives we are set and what we want to achieve and in a way it’s like we feed off of each other’s desire to succeed. It makes you go deeper and give more to the cause when you are part of a team with a singular goal and belief. You sacrifice yourself for the team and you don’t mind doing it.

“I’ve been a part of other team’s and from experience I can state that it’s not always like this and it is something that’s maybe easy to underestimate until you experience it yourself. A great team ethic is motivational and there exists no isolation, no clique and no dead ends. That is what we have here, unity.”

Chris Juul-Jensen is a former Danish national time trial champion and Tour of Denmark winner, he can be currently seen in action with ORICA-SCOTT at the Vuelta a Espana.

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