Fifth place for Mitchelton-SCOTT women at world team time trial championships

Sun 23 Sep 2018

Mitchelton-SCOTT women have finished in fifth place at the UCI Team Time Trial World Championships in Innbruck today.

The squad of Jessica Allen, Jolien D’hoore, Gracie Elvin, Luck Kennedy, Sarah Roy and Georgia Williams put in a consistent ride, crossing the line one-minute 29seconds down on surprise champions Canyon-SRAM. 

Intermediate check:
With all six riders still in tow, Mitchelton-SCOTT passed the intermediate time check at 22.8km at a provisional third fastest before dropping one spot to fourth by the conclusion of all teams.

Wiggle-High5 has set the fastest tempo, 27.84seconds ahead of the Australian outfit, but had already started to lose riders whilst Canyon-SRAM and Boels Dolmans sat inbetween. 

Across the line:
Mitchelton-SCOTT had dropped two riders, thanks to their earlier work, before they reached the finish line in a provision third position, before being pushed down to fifth overall by the end of the day.

In an incredibly consistent performance, Canyon-SRAM crossed the line with all six of their riders still together and held their top position from the more fancied Boels-Dolmans and Team Sunweb, who completed the podium. 

Gene Bates:
We were fifth and to be perfectly honest, that was the best ride we could have put together today and by far our best ride from this group.

With the late change of Alex breaking her arm last week, and Lucy being thrown in at the last second, she really rose to the occasion.  

From the whole group, every single member, it was a super effort. It was really smooth, pretty fast and apart from a few technical things which we can work on, I think it was a great ride and a good sign for the future.

We wanted to have six riders as long a we could, well over half way, and the girls did that well. It was a nice even team, and the fastest group we could have had and because of that it was really smooth. You could see that benefit well in the Canyon team today, they didn’t have one stand out rider but they came away with the world title. 

Georgia Williams:
"A podium would have been nice but were proud of our ride. Everyone gave their maximum and we did all we could on the day so we can all be happy with fifth.

"We wanted a really smooth ride and to make the most of everyone’s strengths. We wanted to keep all six riders until at least the 15km to go mark and we did, which helped us a lot. We were also cautious of starting too hard on the long course but we managed to pace it really well."

UCI World Championships - Team Time Trial Results:
1. Canyon-SRAM 1:01:46.60
2. Boels Dolmans +21.90
3. Team Sunweb +28.67
5. Mitchelton-SCOTT +1:29.77

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.