gebioMized and Mitchelton-SCOTT the perfect fit in 2019

Thu 21 Feb 2019

Bike fitting company gebioMized and Mitchelton-SCOTT have teamed up for the 2019 season to ensure an individualised, perfect bike fit for all men’s and women’s WorldTour riders. 

Beginning at a preparation camp in October last year and continuing throughout 2019, gebioMized will work with each rider on biomechanics and positioning, using exclusive pressure mapping systems to optimise the contact points between each individual rider and their SCOTT bikes.

Also extending their services to custom insoles for riders, the partnership with gebioMized will ensure all Mitchelton-SCOTT riders to get the most out of their bikes when it counts.

“gebioMized brings to our team the expertise and experience that allows to our athletes to systematically address all of the positioning factors required to achieve an optimised bike fit for maximal performance, increased comfort and injury prevention," Mitchelton-SCOTT performance director Kevin Tabotta explained.

“Riders and their coaches are responsible for getting the most out of their bodies via training, SCOTT Sports ensure we have the best bike technology available and now gebioMized is the glue that ensures the two parts work together efficiently and effectively.”  

Echoing Tabotta, gebioMized CEO Daniel Schade is looking forward to contributing to further success of the team in 2019.

"The gebioMized team is absolutely thrilled to offer our expertise in biomechanics to Mitchelton-SCOTT,” Schade said. “We know about the high standards of the team and we are super happy that they have chosen us for optimising power, stability and comfort on the bike. All in for the next Grand Tour win!"