Hepburn, a key member of the Mitchelton-SCOTT engine room through to 2021

Fri 18 Oct 2019

One of Mitchelton-SCOTT’s founding members, former Australian time trial champion Michael Hepburn, will continue for the next two seasons as a key part of the team’s foundation and engine room.

Hepburn has proven year-after-year to be a valuable contributor to the team’s many successes whilst constantly developing, becoming more experienced on the road and progressing into a leadership role within the team despite his fairly young age.

The 28-year-old’s strengths lie in his strong and powerful physique, coming from his background in the track, which always enhances the team in the team time trial events.

Michael Hepburn

“I have been with the team since the start, I think there’s only about four or five of us left from the very start so I feel like I really know the team well. It feels like a family environment to me with all the riders and staff and there’s nowhere else I can see myself at the moment.

“One of the big goals for me and my job in a lot of races is to support the GC guys in the stage races and that is what I am looking forward to doing over the next two years. 

“We have got guys that have won Grand Tour stages and a guy that has won a Grand Tour and we’ve got a few other guys that are well and truly capable of getting podium places in big races, so I see my role as being a support rider to those.

“We’ve seen a big shift over the last four or five years with the team’s targets and goals and with the young riders coming up and turning into some of the best GC riders in the world. We’re all aware that of our jobs and being a part of the engine room is something I really enjoy doing.”

Matt White - Head Sport Director 

“We have had Heppy from the beginning of the team, he is one of the founding members, but he was very much track orientated when he started with the team. 

“He has progressed through that period of his career now and settled into a very good road rider and a guy that we lean a lot more on as one of the captains and leaders on the road.

“He is an integral part of our team, he enjoys winning, and we enjoy having him. I think he will continue to grow into a leadership role in the coming years, he is still relatively young, but he knows how this team functions and he really wants to move into that role. 

“We have some older guys in the team who will hopefully finish their careers with us, but there’s a lot of guys in the team younger than him and he is a guy that can lead by example on and off the bike.”

Michael Hepburn
Date of birth: 17th August 1991 (28)
Nationality: Australia
Place of birth: Brisbane
Joined Mitchelton-SCOTT: 2012 

Photos courtesy of Kramon