Impey top finisher in 14th on 'epic' stage two of the Tour des Fjords

Thu 28 May 2015

South African Daryl Impey has finished 14th in the bunch sprint on a wet and miserable stage two of the Tour des Fjords in Norway this afternoon.

After his efforts against adversity for third place on yesterday’s opening stage, Impey’s efforts in today’s finale see him sitting 5th overall, 16seconds behind Alexander Kristoff (Team Katusha) who took his second consecutive victory today.

“It was just an epic, epic day weather wise today,” sport director Matt Wilson said.

“It started raining about 20km in and it didn’t stop all day. It started at nine degrees and dropped to seven or eight for most of the stage.

“The guys just couldn’t put on enough clothes and really it was just a day of survival.”

Wilson said that despite Mother Nature’s challenges, the most important thing was that Impey didn’t lose any time.

“Weather like today changes the whole race,” Wilson explained. “80% of the field is just surviving and not even thinking about trying to attack or go for a result.”

“They are heavy from layers of wet clothes, cold and vision is impacted.

“On a positive note we had no incidents today, everyone got through OK and Daryl didn’t lose any time so we live to fight for another day tomorrow.”

How it unfolded

It was another wet and miserable day in Norway as three riders quickly established a considerable advantage.

There was no need for panic, as a measured peloton worked efficiently in reducing the gap.

With 70km left to race, the once nine-minute advantage of Michal Podlaski (ActiveJet Team), Antwan Tolhoek (Rabobank Development Team) and Ole Andre Austevoll (Team was reduced to just two-minutes.

Despite the best effort of those in front, and a couple of additional counter attacks, the race was back together with 20km to go, largely due to the efforts of Team Katusha and Team Joker.