In his own words: Martin Barras reviews Energiewacht prologue

Wed 8 Apr 2015

A cycling team can be a bit like a vampire: feeding itself on fresh blood!

Today the EnergieWacht Tour started with a 2.5km prologue through the scenic streets of Winsum. The riders had not only to negotiate the pavers lined roads of the old centre of the town but also a handful of speed humps and narrow turns.

And just like a good blood sucker novel, the race covered the passage of day into night, with the first riders heading out at 19h00 and the last riders on the road just after 21h00. For those last few riders, this meant trying to glide through the night, avoiding obstacles and the deadly light from the camera flashes that would blind you, usually coming into corners.

Anna Van Der Breggen (Rabo Liv) was Queen of the Damned tonight, covering the course an astonishing five seconds faster that current world time trial champion, Lisa Brennauer (Velocio) and six seconds ahead of Trixi Worrack( Velocio).

ORICA-AIS feasted on it’s fresh blood. Melissa Hoskins (11seconds), Katrin Garfoot (12seconds) and Lizzie Williams (13 seconds) gave us a glimpse of what lays ahead for our team but it was the laying of Alexandra Manly on the Altar of Darkness (15seconds) that heralded the promise of hope. In her first ever European pro race, Alex was within two seconds of taking the best young rider’s jersey and it will be interesting to watch how she follows this up in her first steps as a professional bike rider!

Whilst not in a commanding position, our team is well placed to maraud for the next days, until the team time trial on Friday morning decides our faith. We are looking forward to sanguine exaltation, as the alternative (the faith suffered by the enemies of the original vampire, Vlad “the Impaler” ), is blood curdling!

Until then,

Martin Barras.