In His Own Words: Laurenzo Lapage on Franco Belge Stage 4

Tue 2 Oct 2012

Four Circuit Franco Belge stages. Four bunch sprints. Sports Director Laurenzo Lapage describes the final day of racing.

Aidis Kruopis sprinted to fourth today. There was a crash in the final kilometer. Before the pile-up, the team looked good for the sprint. They lost each other in the crash, and Aidis had to do the sprint on his own.

Mitch Docker was part of a late race escape. Eleven riders went up the road. In the team meeting, Mitch and Jens Keukeleire were told they should follow any possible breaks. Mitch did what we could as we asked. The peloton wasn’t happy with the break, and they were reabsorbed by the bunch before the finish.

I asked Jens Mouris, Sam Bewley, Michael Hepburn and Leigh Howard to stay around Aidis as it came up the bunch sprint. They stuck close to him until the crash. 

Overall, the team rode an organized race. They stuck to the plans we set during our meetings, and we came close to a victory with Aidis. He finished third and fourth on stages and seventh overall. We can be satisfied with what the team accomplished.