Injury update: Georgia Williams

Sat 7 Jul 2018

Just days before a big goal of the season for the Mitchelton-SCOTT women's team, the Giro-Rosa, double New Zealand champion Georgia Williams unfortunately suffered a fall during training which forced her to withdraw from the race. 

Williams was taken to hospital and later found out she suffered multiple fractures, ending her hopes of racing the Italian tour. Australian rider Jess Allen steps up to replace Williams as she makes her first appearance at the Giro-Rosa.

"Last Wednesday when I was out training on my time trial bike I was descending and took a corner a bit fast which had some dust and gravel on it and my wheels just slid out from underneath me," Williams explained. "I was planning on traveling to the Giro-Rosa the following Tuesday (3rd July)."

"The first X-Ray I had looked like nothing was broken. I had another one a few days later and that didn’t show anything either so I ended up going for a couple of easy rides and was very hopefully for the Giro-Rosa.

"I was still in a lot of pain and had a feeling that something wasn’t right so I asked for a CT scan. I had this done and it showed the three fractures and confirmed my pain."

After sustaining these injuries just days before the start of the tough 10-day Italian race, it was a big change for the Kiwi rider, who had showed great form throughout the season so far. Her priorities now are on recovering well and using alternative training to try and maintain some fitness. 

"My left hip took all the impact which fractured my hip, pubis and sacrum," Williams continued. "The sacrum fracture is the worst and most dangerous, so I’ve been told I can’t put any weight on my left leg for the next three weeks, otherwise the bone can move."

"Now I need lots of rest and couch time so hopefully I don’t go too crazy. Then in a week I will be able to swim as it’s not weight bearing and I can try to keep some fitness.

"After three weeks I will get another CT scan and if that shows it’s healing then I can get on the training for some easy rides, so I should be back on the road in five to six weeks."

"I’m really gutted as the Giro-Rosa was a a target race for me. The end of the season is pretty uncertain at the moment. I’m hoping to be fit enough to race a couple of races like GP Plouay at the end of August, the Madrid Challenege and World championships, but nothing is sure yet. 

"I will just see how the recovery goes and take it day by day. Fingers crossed!"

We wish Georgia the best of luck with her recovery.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images