Injury update: Lucy Kennedy

Wed 30 May 2018

At the start of the much anticipated Ardennes Classics, new 2018 signing Lucy Kennedy was primed for a successful week of racing, finally able to test her climbing legs in the trio of WorldTour races, however, that all quickly came to an abrupt end after Kennedy had a hard crash on the first of the three races, Amstel Gold.

The 29-year-old, who is fairly new to cycling, crashed heavily and suffered from concussion and multiple other injuries. Thankfully it was nothing too serious and now six weeks later, Kennedy is back after plenty of sessions on her Elite trainer with new targets and ambitions.


"I had a heavy concussion, broke my clavicle, fractured my scapular, eye socket and jaw and las-orated my ear," Kennedy explained. "I had an operation on my clavicle but non of the other fractures were too bad so I didn't need them operated on. Since then my recovery has gone very smoothly, sometimes it hasn't felt like, but considering how I was directly after the crash, the recovery has been really well.

"I stayed for two-days in hospital in Holland but thankfully my partner was in Europe so we took our time and spent one week traveling back to Italy. This was so good to have him there and stay distracted.

"I was in a lot of pain, with a lot of numbness in my mouth due to the impact down from my eye socket, so eating was difficult but on the eighth day after the crash I actually got on the trainer. It was more for sanity than for fitness but felt so great to be able to do something.

"I am still having some effects from the concussion, getting in and out of bed but thankfully no headaches and my memory seems normal and I have had checks. It is still so foggy from around the crash, I don't remember exactly what happened."

Getting back into training

Countless hours on the home trainer can be challenging but with much determination and motivation, Kennedy completed numerous sessions and was constantly looking forward to returning to training on the road in her fourth week post crash.

"The recovery process has been really gradual, I was able to do a lot of work on the elite trainer with double sessions, just increasing the tempo slowly," Kennedy continued. "Now I am really happy to be back on the road, getting some good riding done and drawing a line under this crash, moving forward and looking to the next thing."

The next goals

Riding her first season on a WorldTour team, Kennedy hopes the crash won't effect the second part of the 2018 season and after watching her teammates recently enjoy a winning streak, the 29-year-old is fully focussed to be back in good shape and ready to rejoin the squad for their next big goal in July.

"It was so good to be able to join the team on their May training camp and seeing them all so motivated and doing well was really good for me. I am really motivated to get back and I am sure mentally it could be challenging to start racing again but I don't remember the crash, I am really determined for this to not define my season," Kennedy said.

"My next goal will be the Giro Rosa, that was always a big goal for me and the team. I will have missed a lot of racing which isn't ideal but I have a big block not to be sure I am in the best shape possible. I wanted to get a lot of racing done because I am new to it all and race experience is what I need, but I know the Giro is a race were you need to be fit."

We wish Lucy the best of luck with the rest of her recovery process and rebuilding towards her next goals of the season.