Insider with: Tayler Wiles

Sat 3 Sep 2016

The fourth rider from our 'Insiders' with ORICA-AIS is 27-year old American Tayler Wiles. Wiles joined the Australian outfit at the start of the 2016 season and had a smooth transition into the team, helped by the fact that she finds Australians 'hilarious'. 

Wiles is known for her stength in time trials and also her climbing abilities having achieved numerous podium results this season with ORICA-AIS.

The rider from Utah is more recently known as the 'cookie monster' after she requested on social media at the Aviva Women's Tour, for cookies to be brought to the team car before the stage. As she wished an impressive number of cookies appeared from her fans.

Here you can get to know more about the one and only Tayler Wiles:

Do you have any fun/ weird facts about yourself?

"I think I could beat anyone in a cherry pit spitting contest and my mother calls me Satan. From the day I was born (July) I didn't stop crying until September. So it's a nickname that has stuck, we inevitably get some weird looks when she says it in public."

What's one of your goals for next year?

"Next year a big goal of mine is to improve my time trialing, win the National championships and qualify for the World Championship TT."

Which was your best race so far this season?

"I loved the Aviva Women's Tour. It definitely wasn't the best for me in terms of results or how I felt but it was just a phenomenal race.

"A few of the girls on the team pulled out some incredible performances on really tough stages so that was really special to be a part of. Plus all the cookies I recieved."

What's the funniest thing that has happened this year?

"I think the conversations we have at the dinner table at every race are just hilarious. Most of the topics are a bit too inappropriate to share but I've laughing hard on many occasions, Aussies are hilarious."

What's the worst thing that's happened in a race this year?

"I catapulted quite spectacularly into a ditch full of stinging nettles at Aviva Women's Tour. It wasn’t great."

Which race were you most nervous about?

"The National championship time trial this year because there was so much focus on it with it being an Olympic year."

Who influences you the most at races?

"I really look up to my teammate Gracie Elvin, she dives head first into her dreams and goes into her goal races with so much fire. She has this unique quiet confidence that I really admire."

What is the first thing you will do after your final race this season?

"Spend lots of time with Olivia Dillon and my family and do all things we don't get to do during the season like hiking, running, eating whatever I want. Simply enjoying everyday off the bike until training starts back up again."

What do your miss most being away from home?

"My family, I'm really close with all my family and being away from them can be brutal sometimes. FaceTime saves the day and getting videos of my three year old niece always makes me smile."

What is your favourite meal?

"I love big veggie bowls, there is a Thai mango salad that a crave and it is usually this first meal I make at home after a long tour.  My guilty pleasure is cookies."

If you weren't a cyclist what would you be?

"I would love to be a professional soccer player, that was my first big dream in life and I still miss playing soccer so much. Outside of sport I think I would be a doctor, I was on track to go to medical school when I started cycling." 

Wiles is currently racing in the final stage race of the season, Boels Rental Ladies Tour and during yesterday's stage, Wiles played the selfless teammate role by helping Sarah Roy to her first victory of the season.