Johansson defends Swedish time trial title to claim 11th national championship

Wed 24 Jun 2015

2015 Durango-Durango Emakumeen Saria champion Emma Johansson has successfully defended her national time trial championship today to claim her 11th Swedish title.

For the seventh time, Johansson will don the Swedish blue and yellow colours on her jersey for all races in the discipline over the next twelve months.

Johansson, who was 55seconds faster than her nearest competitor Sara Mustonen-Lichan (Liv-Plantur) across the 30km course, said she was pleased to perform after a heavy racing load and under a degree of expectation.

“Technically my race was good and I was able to settle into a good rhythm,” Johansson said. “I still feel the racing from the last two weeks in my legs, so maybe I’m not at my freshest. I lacked a little bit of the explosiveness I have normally out of the corners.”

“It’s expected that I’m going to win here. Everyone expects me to win, so I can only come here and lose. It’s a lot of pressure, and second today was closer than second last year, but I’m happy about my race – and it’s a little bit of pressure off my back before the road race.”

Johansson will attempt to win her fifth national road title on Saturday. Whilst today’s victory relied only on individual performance in a test against the clock, the 31-year-old will have more to contend with on the weekend.

“The road race is going to be the hardest race I do all year,” Johansson said. “Sara Mustonen has a ten-rider team. They will all ride together against me. I always have to take a lot of responsibility, and I’m ready for the challenge.”