Johansson tenth at home Vargarda World Cup

Sun 24 Aug 2014

Swedish champion Emma Johansson has finished tenth at her home race, the Vargarda World Cup this afternoon.

The 30-year-old had high hopes in front of her local crowd, but was isolated in the final after the ORICA-AIS outfit missed the day’s main break.

Having sacrificing teammates on the front of the peloton to pull the break back, Johansson was left alone to cover the countless moves on the final of twelve laps but in the end was no match against the stronger numbers of rival teams. Chantal Blaak (SLU) won the race from a late escape group of three.

“Emma (Johansson) did a really good job trying to cover as much as she could in the final lap,” sport director Gene Bates said.

“It looked like she was going to get into a nice little group of four coming into the finish but with multiple riders at hand the other teams were able to attack over the top and we saw three riders come to the finish together.

“It was a tough circuit race and the idea was to conserve energy early, be present in any moves that went, make sure we had numbers and try and get Emma up for a win in her home world cup.

“But we missed the main move of the day.  We had Amanda Spratt nearly make it across but she missed out on getting there. 

“There was a little bit of time between us knowing that she hadn’t made it and being able to relay that to the rest of the girls in the bunch so by the time we were able to get the message across the gap was quite big and we used a lot of riders just bringing that back. 

“By the time we did get it back, we pretty much had to isolate Emma and let her fend for herself in the last lap.

“She probably took it on herself a little bit, being her home race. You want to have the best ride possible and she was really keen for the victory today.

“The other teams knew that and probably played on it a little bit as well.

“A disappointing result at the end of the day but as always we held our head up high and next week is another week and another race and I am sure they will make amends for it.”