June recap & reactions

Mon 10 Dec 2018

June proved to another successful period for Mitchelton-SCOTT men and women’s team and an important building month in to the Grand Tours of July. The squad managed to pick up eight UCI victories from five different riders, plus two team victories in the second Hammer Series event in Limburg, where the team continued their domination. 

Both Adam Yates and Daryl Impey added to their 2018 wins by both claiming stages at Criterium du Dauphine,  whist Chris Juul-Jensen took his own reward for the hard work he had put in for his teammates during the Giro d’Italia, by claiming his first ever victory for the team in an impressive solo win at the Tour du Suisse. 

Canadian time trial machine Svein Tuft delivered the goods once again at the national championships, picking up his 11th title to keep the Canadian maple leaf jersey in the Australian outfit.

An unexpected victory came from Jolien D’hoore who sprinted to victory on the opening stage of the OVO Energy Women's Tour - just three weeks after breaking her collarbone. Teammate Sarah Roy continued the team’s strong showing in the British race, by taking a consecutive stage victory following on from her debut win last season.

Here’s our winning riders post-race reactions:

Luke Durbridge - Hammer Sportzone Limburg – Team win
"We are really happy to win the Hammer Chase today and also continuing our overall lead in the Hammer Series. The team were awesome, the boys were super strong and I am super proud of how everyone road today and now we can look forward to trying to win the Hammer Series in Hong Kong."

Daryl Impey - Criterium du Dauphine stage 1 winner
"To win in Dauphine, it is a big race, so I am really chuffed. Sometimes the guys think you will be one of the favourites but to think that as well is a different thing.

"Today I just kept fighting to the end and it was nice to show myself that I could be there. I found myself in a good position so decided to go at about 200metres, it was a long way out but I had good legs in the final.

Adam Yates - Criterium du Dauphine stage 7 winner
“It’s been two back to back hard stages. The past four days, I’ve always been the one to initiate the attacks. So today I decided to wait. I just made that final move towards the end.

"I could take the stage win on the last corner. Romain Bardet was trying to overtake me in the GC but every time I responded.

"The Tour de France has been my main goal for the whole season. We’re getting closer and closer so I’m happy to get confidence from this race. I look forward to the Tour now.”

Chris Juul-Jensen - Tour de Suisse Stage 4 winner
"I'm super happy, we didn't expect to stay away on a day like today but when we had two minutes at the bottom of the climb, then suddenly the break started to believe it was actually possible. I am over the moon.

"Coming out of a great Giro with Mitchelton-SCOTT, I felt I had good form and when he (Peters) attacked I kept him at a relatively close distance and I could see that he was maybe taking the corners slightly slower then I was. I was closing the gap and decided to make the most of it before it was too late.

"It was a long three kilometres on the airfield here but it is a fantastic feeling. Especially here, being in Switzerland with the king of Switzerland on the team, I am happy to pull out a good result."

Jolien D’hoore – OVO Energy Women's Tour stage 1 winner
“I wasn’t sure where I was at with my form, but the team had 100% trust in me and they gave me a perfect lead out going into the finish and it’s really great to start with a win, the pressure is off now.

“The stage was pretty flat, and everyone knew that it was going to come down to a sprint, but it got pretty nervous and hectic going into the final and thankfully I was in a really good position on the last corner. I started my sprint a little early but managed to hold on and it worked out really well in the end."

Sarah Roy – OVO Energy Women's Tour stage 3 winner
“I really didn’t expect this today and as always the whole team was amazing. We rode like a well-oiled machine out there today and we just knew the right things to do at the right time, it came together really well. The last few climbs were steep and really tough and at 150kilometres it was a long day out and it’s pretty cool to get the win.

“Jolien was in the second group behind us and she came in on the radio before we hit the final and told me to get on third wheel before the last corner and I focused on that, her coaching really helped today, but I am super impressed with how Alex rode, she was awesome in the final.”

June 2018 UCI wins:

  • Hammer Sportzone Limburg – Climb: Team
  • Hammer Sportzone Limburg – Chase: Team
  • Criterium du Dauphine – Stage 1: Daryl Impey
  • Criterium du Dauphine – Stage 7: Adam Yates
  • Tour de Suisse – Stage 4: Chris Juul-Jensen
  • National Championships Canada – Time Trial: Svein Tuft
  • OVO Energy Women's Tour - Stage 1: Jolien D'hoore
  • OVO Energy Women's Tour - Stage 2: Sarah Roy