Keeping Up With Jonesy

Tue 25 Feb 2014

We’re proud to introduce the latest brainchild of our videographer Dan Jones. The mastermind behind your favorite cycling videos including Backstage Pass, the #OGERocks music videos and My Piece of the World is in serious need of a lifestyle change. He has recently embarked upon a personal challenge to get healthy – and he wants to share his journey with you.

Keeping Up With Jonesy will offer up a record of Dan’s quest from his personal perspective as well share the perspective of the man behind his mission – Andrew Gerrans. Andrew, Simon Gerrans’ younger brother, is the team osteopath and a self-described fitness nut with a nutrition background, and he has been charged with overseeing this project.

We know many of you have your own personal health-related projects. Whatever your mission is, we want to support you. We’re offering up weekly prizes, tips and tricks, a fun team and a cause to rally around in your effort to achieve goals of your own. In the process of encouraging health and wellness, we’re also raising money for one of our favourite charities: Bravehearts, Inc.

Join our fundraising team or donate to your favourite fundraisers. Every dollar raised goes directly to Bravehearts, Inc. The non-profit is Australia’s only children’s charity holistically dedicated to the issue of child sexual assault. They offer comprehensive counselling and education for children and young people plus parental support for non-offending family members along with advocacy for adult survivors. Bravehearts also invests in extensive training and research developing strategies better able to combat the complex issues associated with child sexual assault.

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It’s time for me to get serious about making a change. I tipped the scales at around 85 kilograms in 2005. Today I weigh in at 105.5 kilograms. That's a staggering 20 kilogram weight gain in the span of less than ten years. 

I have often wondered: "Hey what the hell happened there?  How did I let myself go?" The simple answer is lifestyle.  I found myself working long hours, editing in front of a computer. I stopped playing sport. I drank more. I exercised less. What did I think was going to happen?

Let's be honest - how many times have you left the office after a long day and couldn't be bothered cooking that night? You end up dining out on some fast food, throw down a couple of beers and before you know it, you’re settled into the couch glued to the idiot box. It’s easy to develop bad habits.    

The thing I never quite understood is why didn't I just maintain a reasonable level of fitness?  Why didn't I control my diet a little better?  I think the answer is simple. I didn't care enough and was prepared to let myself go. I just never thought it would go quite this far.

Well, the time for excuses has come to an end.  No more "I'm too busy to exercise" or "I'll start a training plan tomorrow." For me a new lifestyle starts now, and I am super excited.

So what am I doing and how will it work?

Fortunately, I have moved in with Andrew Gerrans, our team osteopath here in Girona.  Andrew is a bit of a fitness guru who also knows a few little tricks to help with diet.  With his specific direction and strict discipline we aim to strip 20 kilograms by the time the Tour de France rolls into London in July this year.

Each week we will post a blog on the team’s website, and we’ll link to the blog on my personal social media channels as well as the team’s.  In each update, we’ll give you a progress report on the program. Andrew will share some eating and training tips and our team docoter, Peter Barnes, will chime in from time to time with some medical information to compliment the fitness and nutritional advice Andrew supplies.

I want your support as I embark on this huge challenge. Read my updates. Tweet me message of encouragement. Tell me the story about the time you made a major change for the better. If you want to be extra supportive, you can also make a donation to Bravehearts Inc via my my 'Everyday Hero' page.

If you want to make a change for the better and raise money for a great cause in the process then join our ORICA-GreenEDGE fundraising team. Get creative. Your goal can be any sort of health or fitness related challenge you’re prepared to tackle. I’m hoping to get some of riders in on this, too – so stay tuned to our team fundraising page to see who gets in on the action. Join us here.

Thanks for the support,

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I have to admit, when Jonesy offered me a room in his Girona apartment this year as a base for my Osteopathy work with ORICA-GreenEDGE, I was a little hesitant.  After all, the last time we roomed together was in the 2013 Tour de France where I witnessed first-hand his tall stories, sweet tooth and his taste for few frothies!  Was this really going to be a wise move?!

I arrived to the apartment in Girona a week before Dan.  A fridge full of beer and soft drinks, the cupboards stocked with sugary, processed snacks, and the kitchen bench, well that was somewhere under all the bottles of spirits! What had I got myself into?!

Regardless, I was determined to stick to my guns and continue with my lifestyle of eating healthy and exercising regularly, with just the occasional splurge.   

Enter Jonesy.  “I’ve nearly knocked over the feb fast, let’s keep the ball rolling!”  he said. Thanks to the Feb Fast (for those who don’t know it’s a month off the grog), Dan was already feeling better and had a more positive attitude towards his health. I offered to train him, helping get him a (better) routine to get healthy and fit again, with a goal of dropping 20 kilograms by the start of this year’s Tour.

The basis of our training for the next 18 weeks will be as follows:

An understanding that this is not just a diet or bootcamp training program but a lifestyle change - one that Jonesy will be able to maintain well after he reaches his initial weight loss goals.

Our primary focus initially will be to get Dan into a fat burning zone with his training but more importantly with his diet.  This involves cutting out all sugary, calorie dense, processed foods from his diet and reducing his carbohydrate intake significantly. 

We will replace these foods with an unlimited amount of fresh vegetables, plenty of fresh fish, red meat, and poultry, as well as nuts, seeds, and fruit with some moderation.

Our training will involve daily low intensity cardio such as walking, easy jogging and a few body weight resistance exercises such as push ups and step ups when walking laps around the park.  Once or twice a week we’ll push the boundaries and challenge Dan with some heavier weights training and/or some sprint intervals.

On top of that I have encouraged Dan to keep a more active day-to-day routine such as walking instead of taking the scooter, using the stairs instead of the lift, and just moving more in general.  Dan also enjoys playing sport, so we have the option of going for social hit of tennis, kick of the footy or some basketball when we want to mix things up. 

Each week with this blog I’ll give a few exercise and nutrition tips, expel some myths, and hopefully motivate a few people along the way!