Keeping Up With Jonesy: One Month In

Fri 28 Mar 2014

Dan Jones, the mastermind behind your favourite cycling videos including Backstage Pass, the #OGERocks music videos and My Piece of the World, has embarked upon a personal challenge to get healthy. These weekly posts are Dan’s attempt to share his journey with you. A month into the program and Dan has not only reached his first weight loss goal but he has had some time to reflect on his old ways and talks about how he is adjusting to his new lifestyle.

3 - UnnamedDAN’S CHECK IN

We’re officially one month into the program. So far the daily exercise routine and diet is running pretty smooth. I am still giving the desserts the boot, staying off the grog, and hitting the track every day, even when we are at races. Thanks to Andy's military style approach in the early weeks (whistle in mouth to get me out of bed for training and the death stare with the slightest mention of dessert) I am confident in staying on track on the road or at home.

This week was a bit of a milestone as I finally cracked the 100 kilogram mark, the first time since 2008. I hit the scales Monday coming in at 99.9 (the same batting average as the great Sir Donald Bradman). The weight loss since I moved in with Andrew is now 5.6 kilograms but over eight kilograms since the end of Tour Down Under, which for me is a great start. I am definitely not celebrating too much though as I know things are only going to get harder from here!  

4 - Unnamed

I thought when the moment finally arrived when I cracked the ton I would be filled with joy and high fives all round. Yes there was a hand slap with Andy, but if I am to be totally honest, I had mixed emotions. There was part of me that thought ‘man how did I let things blow out this much?’ To be overweight for so long, and to let my lifestyle get a bit out of control is something that I am not proud of at all. Now that I look at food and exercise in a different way, and hold it as a very high priority, I struggle to work out why I didn't do the same in the past. 

But there is simply no point now to dwell on the past, I cannot change anything I have done over the past 10 years, but I can learn from it. This program for me is not about the next 14 weeks, it’s about the next 40 years. The next chapter will be one with no regrets and a better quality of life, and I’m excited now for what the future brings!  

2 - Unnamed


Seeing Dan again after he had been away for two weeks it was obvious that he’d survived his time in Italy unscathed. I was sure just by seeing the changes in his face that he’d dropped a couple more kilos. Now he’s under the 100 kilograms mark, we are both motivated to see him plough through the 90’s. 

Our first training session back and I was keen to test Dan out again to see how his body was holding up to the stresses of the daily exercise he had been doing with Whitey. In particular I wanted to see how Dan’s shins were coping with the gradual increases in his running.

I’ve been on Jonesy since day one that he needs to start tuning in to what is body is doing. ‘If you feel sore, back it off. If you are tired, rest. If you feel good, let’s go harder’ was the theme in the first few weeks. 

In Dan’s case specifically I’ve helped him recognise the early warning signs for his shins splints and left knee pain and to adjust his training according to how his legs are feeling with each session. This meant for Dan, avoiding lunges, going down stairs when fatigued and keeping the jogging under a couple of minutes at a time. We have however been able to perform shorter but faster running intervals, squats, step-ups and calf raises without any issue.

The best advice I can give this week is that if you have any pre-existing or recurring injuries, get yourself checked out.  A qualified practitioner or trainer can assess you and help you continue to train safely, minimising the risk of further injury or set-backs.  This could mean getting some regular treatment, being prescribed some specific strengthening and/or stretching exercises, or even avoiding certain exercises all together.

Next week I’ll explain the most important tips I’ve given Dan when eating out as well as some links to a few of our favourite meals and snacks at home. Until then, thanks again for those who have donated to our Everyday Hero’s page - Keeping up with Jonesy.


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