Late break successful on chaotic day at Boels Rental Ladies Tour

Thu 3 Sep 2015

2015 SwissEver GP Cham-Hagendorn winner Lizzie Williams has finished 15th from the bunch kick behind a successful two-rider breakaway on stage three of the Boels Rental Ladies Tour.

Waking up to ideal windy conditions, the aggressive ORICA-AIS team were exciting for the day of racing only for rain and a drop in wind to make it a rough day on the bike.

“It was just good to get through the day to be honest,” sport director Gene Bates said. “There was so many crashes and punctures, it was unbelievable.”

“We had Lizzie in one fall but she was able to get back into the race and we were lucky all of the other girls stayed out of trouble.

“We woke up to really windy conditions and thought ‘this is excellent, here we go’, but right before the start a huge rain pour came and the wind completely dropped. Super narrow, flat and muddy roads made it a pretty filthy day.”

Bates said he was surprised the lead pair was allowed to stay off the front.

“We entered the final circuits with two riders just off the front,” Bates explained. “We thought Wiggle Honda and Giant would chase to force the sprint but the gap got bigger and bigger.

“I think the wet roads and technical circuit made it difficult to organise a chase, but the effort was just too late.

“Lizzie tried to get amongst the bunch kick for the final podium place but it got a bit chaotic in the final and she was caught up.”

How it happened:

Unlike yesterday’s stage, the flat parcours and wet conditions of stage three didn’t dampen the attempts at forcing a breakaway.

Right from the gun the efforts began, ranging from splits in the bunch under the pressure at the front of the peloton to moves of one or two riders.

It was the attack of Marta Bastianelli (Aromitalia – Vaiano) and Lauren Hall (Team USA) in the second half of racing that looked most dangerous. The pair rode out to a lead of one-minute 25seconds with around 30km to go.

Reaching 15km to go with the same advantage, their fate looked promising and it proved to be, Hall claiming the victory ahead of her breakaway companion.