Meyer back to boost Mitchelton-SCOTT as they go for victory at Hammer Limburg

Mon 3 Jun 2019

Mitchelton-SCOTT’s Hammer captain, Cameron Meyer, is back to boost the squad for this weekend’s Hammer Limburg after missing the recent Hammer Stavanger due to injury. 

Meyer, a multiple world champion on the track, is a vital member of the team bringing his turn of speed and experience of repeated efforts, and will be joined by two other former world track champions in Alex Edmondson and Michael Hepburn.

All-rounder Dion Smith is another great addition for the aggressive, explosive style of racing which should suit his characteristics, while 38-year-old Michael Albasini brings his wealth of experience to the squad. 

Recent Tour of Norway stage winner Edoardo Affini and talented neo-pro Rob Stannard round up the Mitchelton-SCOTT team as they look to fight back to try and become the Hammer Series leaders once again.

Mitchelton-SCOTT Team:

Edoardo Affini (ITA 22)
Michael Albasini (SUI, 38)
Alexander Edmondson (AUS, 25)
Michael Hepburn (AUS, 27)
Cameron Meyer (AUS 31)
Dion Smith (NZ 26)
Rob Stannard (AUS, 20) 

The Event

The entertaining three-day Hammer Series races are split into three disciplines, with riders scoring points on every-lap of the Hammer Sprint and Hammer Climb, with all individual rider points going collectively to the team. Each event is raced on laps with day-one taking place on an eight-kilometre circuit and the final two-days on a 12.4kilometre circuit.

The final day is the Hammer Chase, where the teams race a lengthy team time trial and the event will be a culmination of points added together to crown one winning team.

The Past

In the first Hammer Series race of 2019, Hammer Stavanger, Mitchelton-SCOTT finished as the third best team overall after consistent performances in the three events. The squad picked up fourth place in the Hammer Climb followed by the Hammer Sprint where they jumped up to third place overall to begin the Hammer Chase in the finalist’s group. Despite a mechanical in the Chase, the team fought back to finish Hammer Stavenger in third place overall.

In 2018, Mitchelton-SCOTT were crowed the overall winners of the Hammer Series after dominating in Hammer Stavanger and Hammer Hong Kong and finishing in second place in Hammer Limburg.

Cameron Meyer

“This will be my first time competing at Hammer Limburg and I’m really excited after recently missing Hammer Stavanger through injury. We won the series last season and have had a good start with a third place in Norway so we will look to go improve on that position this weekend. 

“The Hammer Climb in Limburg is a very demanding course and with multiple climbs on the circuit it will be very hard to control. We will have to try be on the front foot straight from the start. 

“The Hammer Sprint and Hammer Chase are a bit more straight forward with very flat courses. We don’t have an outright sprinter so I’m sure we will look to be aggressive. We have a great team with youth, experience and a fair few guys that have been world track champions which is always handy in this style of racing.”

Edoardo Affini

“I look forward to the next weekend in Limburg, it is going to be fast and furious again, but I enjoyed the racing in Stavanger so I'm sure I'll enjoy it once again. We had a bit of bad luck in Hammer Stavanger so hopefully with a bit more of luck for us in Limburg.”

Matt Wilson - Sport Director

“We had a bit of bad luck in Norway in the Chase when Edmondson dropped his chain and still did a very credible ride for third. The guys seem to be in good form and obviously we are the reigning champions of the Hammer Series so we are taking it very seriously and hoping to have a good ride.

“We have some great all round riders like Cameron Meyer, who can do it all so it is a good team and the top step of the podium is definitely realistic.”

Hammer Limburg race details:

Friday, 7th June: Hammer Climb, 8 laps of 8km 
Saturday, 8th June: Hammer Sprint, 8 laps of 12.4km
Sunday, 9th June: Hammer Chase, 4 laps of 12.4km

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