Mitchelton-SCOTT to celebrate the 60th birthday of SCOTT Sports on stage two of Tour de France

Sun 8 Jul 2018

SCOTT is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2018. To commemorate, Mitchelton-SCOTT will ride today's second stage at the Tour de France with SCOTT helmets in retro design and wear SCOTT sunglasses of the original design of 1988.

Back in 1958 SCOTT introduced the first tapered aluminum ski pole, which immediately replaced the sport's existing use of bamboo and steel. It didn’t last long until they started to produce the first bicycles. Today they have four divisions with bike, winter sports, skiing and running.

It was then in 1989, when SCOTT introduced one of the most significant product innovations in the history of cycling - the aerodynamic handlebar. This handlebar was strategically utilised by American Greg LeMond in his 1989 Tour de France win. In 2001, SCOTT presented the first road-bike lighter than 1kg, which then got topped in 2013 by the first ever commercial available frame set under 1kg – the Addict SL.

At Michelton-SCOTT we are proud to have such a strong partner since our inception in 2012 on our side. To celebrate this success, our riders will race today’s stage with SCOTT Cadence and Centric helmets in retro design with a big 60 on top and SCOTT shades of the original design of 1988.

“We are proud to be part of the history of such an iconic brand. They started as a bike and helmet supplier back in 2012 to became then one of our title sponsors in 2017. We are forever grateful to them for believing in our project since the beginning. We have come a long way together and it is truly a partnership, which you don’t see often in cycling," said Mitchelton-SCOTT general manager Shayne Bannan.

Mitchelton-SCOTT road captain Mathew Hayman congratulated SCOTT on the milestone.

“I have ridden a lot of different bikes over the years, but I have to say I never felt so attached to a brand as with SCOTT so I'm happy to give something back to them today by being part of their 60-years celebration," the 40-year-old said.

"They helped me to win Paris-Roubaix as the first rider on an aero bike and they continue to stay at the forefront of technology, adding the Foil disc to their range of offerings in recent years."