Mitchelton-SCOTT with strength and speed for Hammer Stavanger

Wed 23 May 2018

Mitchelton-SCOTT bring a balanced mixed team to Norway ready to tackle the multiple discipline three-day Velon race - Hammer Stavanger.

After a successful first edition last year in Limburg, the Australian outfit are excited to return to the event, prepared for the different challenges and opportunities each day brings.

The race

The new Velon racing concept was launched in 2017 and each day focuses on a specific cycling discipline where the riders will collect points for their teams. 

Day one features the Hammer Climb race, day two the riders will face the Hammer Sprint, and the final day is the decisive Hammer Chase. 

In the Hammer climb race and the Hammer sprint race, riders will earn points for the team depending on their position when they cross the line each lap of the short circuit.

In Hammer Chase, the leading team after the first two days starts first, the other teams are chasing and the first team over the line will be crowned event champions. Each day will feature multiple laps of 8 to 10 km on a circuit, for fast and furious racing over a short distance.

The team

Michael Albasini - (SUI, 37)
Damien Howson - (AUS, 25)
Daryl Impey - (RSA, 33)
Roger Kluge – (GER, 32) 
Lucas Hamilton - (AUS 22) 
Cameron Meyer - (AUS 29)

Combination of riders

Multiple track world championship medallist Cameron Meyer and Madison world champion Roger Kluge bring crucial speed and power to the line-up, which can be valuable to the team on the Hammer Sprint stage. Alongside them will be punchy strong riders Michael Albasini and South African champion Daryl Impey. 

Adding to the team's climbing forces and rounding out the six-rider team is Damien Howson and Lucas Hamilton, before the mixed squad come together for the final and decisive stage, the Hammer Chase. 

Cameron Meyer

"The Hammer Series concept is certainly different but is made for some entertaining and aggressive racing. I remember watching it last season on the TV and really liked the look of the fast, circuit racing.

"I am excited to give it a go and with Mitchelton-SCOTT, I think we will be in with a shot for some good results.
It is a very similar style of racing to that of a points race on the track. Of course, it has its differences but I’m hoping my track experience and some left over track legs from the Australian summer will help me to be competitive at this event.

"I think we have a well rounded team for this Hammer Series in Norway. We have a good group for the team time trial so if the first two-days we can score some good points with the likes of Daryl Impey, Michael Albasini, Roger Kluge and myself, then I think we will be in with a chance of winning the overall."

Sport director James Victor

"We have a very solid group of riders that can be very competitive in the two point score races, with a balanced team with fast riders like Roger Kluge and Cameron Meyer and punchy guys like Daryl Impey and Michael Albasini. We have a mixture of riders suited to the different disciples of the race. 

"We can definitely finishes in a good position after the two point scores stages and be looking to go for the win, hopefully starting the Hammer chase in a good position. It is a very exciting concept and should be a great race.”

Previously in the Hammer races

Last year in the inaugural edition of the race, Mitchelton-SCOTT finished in third place overall after three days of racing. The team claimed fourth place in the Hammer Climb, but 10th place in the Hammer Sprint.

Race details

Friday, 25th May: Hammer Climb, Sandnes, 9.5 laps of 8.4km - 79.2km
Saturday, 26th May: Hammer Sprint, Stavanger, 10laps of 9.2km - 92km
Sunday, 27th May: Hammer Chase, Stavanger, 3laps of 16.2km - 48.9km

Photo courtesy of Getty Images