Nettie Edmondson Uses Bonus Seconds to Jump Up to Second Overall at Tour of Chongming Island

Thu 9 May 2013

ORICA-AIS was on a mission to help Nettie Edmondson secure bonus seconds on offer at two intermediate sprints and on the finish line of Tour of Chongming Island stage two. Edmondson started the day in third overall, 6” behind overnight race leader Lucy Garner (Argos-Shimano). By stage end, she had jumped up to second overall, 4” behind new race leader Chloe Hosking (Hitec Products UCK).

“The main goal today was the two intermediate sprints and the finish,” said Sport Director Dave McPartland. “If we saw an opportunity to split the race in the wind, we would do that.”

Edmondson earned top honours on the first intermediate sprint, beating Hosking to the line. She earned 3” for her efforts, 1” more than Hosking.

“The girls did a good job with the first sprint,” said McPartland. “Nettie took that one, and we were pretty confident for the second sprint, too.”

The race hit a section of crosswind heading into the second intermediate sprint, and the peloton split into three groups. ORICA-AIS had three riders in the front group and three in the second group.

“We had Nettie, Emma [Johansson] and Loes [Gunnewijk] in the first group,” McPartland noted. “There were other good sprinters in the group, so we had mixed feelings on whether or not the split was good for us. We didn’t spend energy keeping it away.”

From the front group, Edmondson won the second intermediate sprint, again netting a 1” gain over Hosking in second.

“The race came back together after the sprint,” recalled McPartland. “We had all six our riders there, and that gave us five available for the lead out.”

Inside the final three kilometres, the team came together within in the peloton.

“The girls found each other really well,” McPartland said. “We hit the front at 2.6 or 2.5 kilometres from the finish, and we started the lead out with all six of us lined out. They all did an awesome job. We maybe could have gone a little bit later but that’s the only thing where I saw an obvious room for improvement. Two hundred metres from the line, Emma was still on the front with Nettie on her wheel. It was perfect. [Giorgia] Bronzini (Wiggle Honda) must have a quick kick. She was fastest today. Chloe came from behind as well. Nettie ended up in third. We just weren’t quite as quick in the final dash.”

Bronzini earned 10" as the stage winner, but missed out on bonus seconds yesterday and in today's intermediate sprints. Hosking took 6" to Edmondson's 4", effectively balancing out the seconds Edmondson earned in the two intermediate sprints. Happy to jump up one spot on the overall standings, ORICA-AIS hopes to move up to the top step after the third and final stage tomorrow.

“It’s a big gap to bring back on Chloe, but I’m pretty confident we can close it,” said McPartland. “We’ll have to come up with a plan that allows up to bring back as many seconds as possible tomorrow. We have the team that can do it.”

Editor's note: Race radio reported that Nettie Edmondson had won both intermediate sprints today. Upon further review, the race jury concluded that Hosking had won the first intermediate sprint over Edmondson. While this does not change the overall standings, it does change the time gaps with Hosking 6" ahead of Edmondson ahead of the final stage of Tour of Chongming Island.