New performance brand Flaér announce official partnership with ORICA-BikeExchange

Tue 20 Dec 2016

Flaér, a new performance cycling brand that launched earlier this year at Eurobike, have taken a significant step in their venture into Professional Cycling by announcing an exclusive partnership with ORICA-BikeExchange (to be known as ORICA-SCOTT in 2017).

As part of the Official Partnership, Flaér will provide the Australian team with their revolutionary new Revo Via chain performance system for use in the 2017 UCI WorldTour.

The Revo Via works by applying micro-doses of Flaér’s specially developed Via Fluid to the chain whilst riding, so no matter the conditions, the chain remains perfectly optimised – all the time. The Revo Via reduces transmission losses to the absolute minimum providing power gains of up to 12 watts at the wheel, a figure which increases the longer the duration of the ride.

The official partnership will see Flaér working with the ORICA-BikeExchange team mechanics and riders to create and develop new innovations that enhance performance and optimise efficiency.  

ORICA-BikeExchange’s general manager Shayne Bannan said, “We’re really excited about this partnership and we look forward to using this new technology. Flaér has made a very innovative approach to our setup and it will be interesting to see the various advantages they offer.”

As well as the innovative Revo Via, the team will also use Flaér’s new range of bike care and performance products. This will include Guard – bike protector spray and Revive – bike cleaner, products which have been carefully formulated with the demands of pro cycling in mind.

Flaér’s Sales Director, Nick Muddle, had this to say on the partnership: 

"We are really excited to be working with ORICA-BikeExchange. As a team that is continually looking for the next level in performance, we have found a perfect partner. We are working closely with OBE to help maximise their performance and through the use of our new Revo Via chain performance system there are significant gains to be had. It’s great to be official technical partners with a team that has such a commitment to innovative new ideas.”

At the front line of performance development in cycling, Flaér’s devoted team are continually looking to push the boundaries. This dedication to R&D, has led to this exciting partnership with ORICA-BikeExchange and will see Flaér establish themselves on the UCI WorldTour. 

About Flaér

At Flaér, our mission is to unleash your true potential as a cyclist with our passionate team seeking to innovate and create new products that will enhance your performance. We understand the sacrifices you make and the dedication required for you to be your best and we don’t want any of that to go to waste. When you give it everything we want to make sure all your effort goes to the wheel. After all, when you work so hard to perfect everything about your ride and leave nothing to chance, why should you accept anything less.

We work tirelessly so you can benefit from all your effort, all the time.

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