NEWS: Battle of the North "It is a brilliant opportunity for women’s cycling to begin a new chapter"

Tue 14 May 2019

Yesterday it was announced that Scandinavia will bring a totally new concept of racing to the women’s peloton with a new WorldTour race, the Battle of the North in 2021.

The exciting new idea comes from a unique co-operation between three countries, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, combining to create a second 10-day Grand Tour for women, which will be distributed live on TV to the whole world.

Mitchelton-SCOTT are delighted about the news and see it as a huge opportunity and step forward for women’s cycling.

Gracie Elvin - Former two-time Australian champion

“I was thrilled to read about this new concept tour, as it is just what I believe women’s cycling needs to move forward. It’s easy for us to become too entrenched in the traditions of men’s cycling rather than create our own narrative. 

“It’s fantastic that the organisation of one of our oldest races, Vårgårda, is willing to embrace change and work with others for the benefit of the riders and other countries. 

“This is a brilliant opportunity for women’s cycling to begin a new chapter in a beautiful part of the world, with organisers and sponsors who have already shown how much they value and support us. 

“It is important for them to make sure there is ample coverage to capitalise on this momentum, but it sounds like they are already working hard towards this.”

Annemiek van Vleuten - Dual time trial world champion

"I think is a great initiative. I believe in a women's tour with live TV coverage that is not on the same date as the men's Tour de France, so this sounds really cool.

"The womens Tour of Norway has experience and it will be super cool to race a Grand Tour in three different countries.

"I noticed now how many people ask now for live TV coverage of our races. Before it was only some people that were really into women's cycling, but now because we had some races that were exciting to watch, people think it is very strange if our races are not live on TV. 

"This makes me really proud because one of the reasons I race is also to entertain and inspire people. Now I better continue to race until 2021 to at least to race it."

Martin Vestby - Head Sport Director 

"It's exciting to have another Grand Tour for the development of women's cycling, an inpendant race that stands seperate to any men's events and with TV broadcasts live every day is a step in the right direction.

"This gives women's cycling it's own arena to show off how entertaning women cycling can be. As a Norwegian myself it is also cool that it will happen in Scandinavia and that the three countries can work together to pull this off."

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Photo courtesy of Getty Images