ORICA-AIS look to race smart at Trentino

Thu 18 Jun 2015

ORICA-AIS will rely on smart racing in an attempt to continue their blistering form at this Saturday’s Giro del Trentino Alto Adige – Sudtirol.

Sport director Gene Bates expects some attention at the Italian one-day race but said the outfit will concentrate on the task at hand.

“Given the fortnight we have had, with the success and the way we have raced, I think we will be in the eyes of the bunch,” Bates said. 

“We are going to have to play our cards really intelligently to make them count. We can’t make any mistakes on Saturday, otherwise we will pay for it.”

The 103km race features two climbs in the second half of proceedings, the latter the larger of the two and peaking just 10km from the finish line.

“I think we will see that first climb set things up for the second climb and the winner will likely come from a select group that gets over the top of the climb into the finish,” Bates said.

“Hopefully it’s an open race beforehand and quite aggressive, that’s the kind of racing that suits us at the moment. Having said that, we have to be prepared for a bit more of a negative race given how difficult the final is.”

ORICA-AIS return as defending champions but without last year’s winner in Valentina Scandolara. Instead, they will have open opportunities for the riding squad of Katrin Garfoot, Rachel Neylan, Macey Stewart, Amanda Spratt and Lizzie Williams.

“We will have cards to play for both scenarios and I think we have the riders, in good enough shape, to really challenge for that podium spot this weekend,” Bates said.

“It seems to be working for us to keep the race open with options. We will target the final with some riders and not so much with others but everyone will have their chance at different times to do something in the race.”

ORICA-AIS at Giro del Trentino Alto Adige – Sudtirol (20 June):

Katrin Garfoot
Rachel Neylan
Amanda Spratt
Macey Stewart
Lizzie Williams