ORICA-AIS looking to play it smart for Sparkassen Giro

Fri 31 Jul 2015

ORICA-AIS head into this Sunday’s seventh round of the UCI Women’s Road World Cup, the Sparkassen Giro, with a well devised plan in attempt to shake up the previously predictable German one-day race.

Traditionally a bunch sprint and without a pure sprinter, the Australian outfit will use its strong six-rider lineup to shift the race onto their terms coming into the final.

“There has only been a couple of incidences where it’s a breakaway or a smaller group that get to the finish,” sport director Gene Bates said. “Having said that, we don’t have a pure bunch sprinter, so for us to sit back in the race and wait for a sprint wouldn’t be ideal.”

“We will have a couple of cards to play but it will be more about making intelligent moves rather than just getting riders up the road for the sake of it.

“We will go in with a really well thought out plan of attack to try and shake the race up and get it on our terms before the finish.”

Fresh off a solo stage win at Thuringen Rundfarht and another threatening attack at La Course by Le Tour de France last weekend, 2015 Gooik-Geraardsbergen-Gooik winner Gracie Elvin is one of the strong options for ORICA-AIS.

Santos Women’s Tour champion Valentina Scandolara and GP Cham-Hagendorn winner Lizzie Williams have also tasted success this season from well-timed solo moves whilst Thuringen Rundfahrt overall champion Emma Johansson is no stranger to an effective move.

Track riders Melissa Hoskins and Macey Stewart conclude the line up with some extra speed.

“There is a small climb but they hit it so fast that it doesn’t do a lot of damage. Then with so much flat and downhill in between, generally things come back together,” Bates said.

“Taking that into consideration, we’ll put a plan together that the girls will enjoy.

“With the World Cup competition gone for us, it opens up opportunities for everyone in the team to go for a result this weekend, we are not necessarily going to back one rider.”

ORICA-AIS at Sparkassen Giro (Sunday, 2 August):

Gracie Elvin
Melissa Hoskins
Emma Johansson
Valentina Scandolara
Macey Stewart
Lizzie Williams