ORICA-AIS to put best foot forward at TTT world championships

Thu 17 Sep 2015

The 2015 season will come to a close for ORICA-AIS this Sunday as they look to put their best foot forward at the UCI Road Cycling World Championship team time trial.

The world championship, held in Richmond Virginia in the United States of America, is a fast 38.8km course that sport director Gene Bates says the team are ready for.

“It’s a great TTT course, super fast and flowing, with all the sections really linking up well,” Bates said. “The girls have ridden the course all this week, and are super excited to get into the race and see what they can produce over the 38km.”

“To be honest, the Sweden World Cup was quite disappointing, but I think we have ironed out pretty much all the areas we struggled in, and have got six well prepared, confident bike riders here. It was a great learning experience for us, and considering we have four new riders to our lineup from last year, it was probably the ride we had to have.

“Now, the group has a great feel about it and I think they can surprise themselves this weekend with the ride they are capable of putting together.

“We won’t put a number on our ambition, but look to put the fastest, best ride we can together on Sunday. If they can do that, we should see them at the pointy end of the results.”

In support of those efforts the Australian outfit will be headed by Oceania time trial champion Katrin Garfoot and the experience of Gracie Elvin and Amanda Spratt.

“Katrin gives us lots of strength and is really important to smooth things down within the group and provide real fire power,” Bates explained. “Gracie and Amanda give us lots of experience and are great at directing the team on and off the bike.”

Completing the team will be Sarah Roy, Macey Stewart and Lizzie Williams in their debut seasons with ORICA-AIS.

“On her day Sarah can really generate lots of power and strength out on the course and Williams has a great ability for turns and recovery, learning with every race she does,” Bates continued.

“At 19 Macey is the youngest in the team and probably in the field, but brings a great amount of enthusiasm and also experience having ridden track team pursuits for years already.

“She will learn a lot on Sunday, but also contribute a huge amount especially in the earlier stages of the race.”

ORICA-AIS at the UCI Road Cycling World Championships TTT (20 September):

Gracie Elvin
Katrin Garfoot
Sarah Roy
Amanda Spratt
Macey Stewart
Lizzie Williams