ORICA-AIS welcomes back McConville and Roy for European debuts

Thu 7 May 2015

2015 signings Chloe McConville and Sarah Roy will make their European debuts for ORICA-AIS this Saturday, at the Rabobank 7-Dorpenomloop Aalburg one-day race in Holland.

After some unexpected and no doubt frustrating medical problems delaying their seasons, the pair are looking forward to finally getting some racing under the belt.

They bring us up to speed below:

Chloe McConville

I have been slowly recovering from more unforeseen health issues.

It has been a frustrating period, as for a long time the doctors had no idea what was going on with me! Now we have it sorted out and I'm getting better and better each week.

I have used the time productively to build a really big base which I don't often get to do with racing both the summer in Oz and then going straight into racing here, so hopefully that will put me in good stead for the tours coming up.

It's been a while (over a year) since I was in the European women's peloton so I'm really excited to get back in there.

I'm definitely nervous as I have an idea how my form is, but you never really know until the crunch comes in a race.

I'm looking forward to getting the first race under my belt and getting on with the job over here. Obviously it was hugely disappointing for me to miss the first part of the season especially when I am more of a classics rider, so I hope to make up for my absence with some solid racing in the second half of the season. 

I'd love to be in the position to impact the race in a breakaway or feel like I am useful to the team and not just hanging on for dear life! We are still on the hunt for a European win this season, the team is getting closer and closer with Spratty's 3rd, then Kat's 2nd place so the momentum is heading in the right direction!

For more on Chloe’s journey, read her blog here.

Sarah Roy

After being unusually sick in January, the last four months we've gone through a number of medical tests to figure out what was going on.

There were a multitude of issues so I needed to take some rest and treatments for a little while. I enjoyed the extra time in Australia with my family, did a bit of university and concentrated on getting healthy again.

I've been in Italy with the team for one month and now have a good four weeks of consistent riding under my belt. 

It's a cocktail of emotions heading into the race on Saturday. 

I haven't raced in a long time and there is still a lot of uncertainty of where I am at but I am also really excited and have been counting down the days.

I've come a long way since January and can't wait to dust the cob webs off, pin that number on and join the team in some fun. All of the frustration endured and time put into health has been about getting to this point so it's a bit like turning a page. 

Personally I aim to fulfill my role in the team and hope to have a positive impact on the race.

We haven't placed too much expectation on this one for myself or Chloe and I think it's a good event to be welcomed back into the European peloton. Chloe and I are both pretty determined and given these flat, windy and fast races suit us we won't be leaving anything in the tank. As a team I am sure we will have a successful day.  

ORICA-AIS at the Rabobank 7-Dorpenomloop Aalburg (9 May):

Emma Johansson
Alexandra Manly
Chloe McConville
Rachel Neylan
Sarah Roy