ORICA-BikeExchange and ORICA-AIS to wear Giordana in 2017 and beyond

Fri 9 Dec 2016

ORICA-BikeExchange and ORICA-AIS are pleased to announce a new partnership that will see both teams wear Giordana Cycling Apparel in 2017 and beyond.

The new sponsorship, that covers both racing and training wear, will ensure the Australian teams are supported with top of the range garments from a proven cycling provider whilst also benefitting from the company’s innovative approach, ensuring a top performance product.

“We are really excited to forge a partnership with Giordana,” general manager Shayne Bannan said. “They have supported the sport of cycling for a long time and with a proven record in quality and performance, we are looking forward to working with them into the future.” 

“We are confident that both our men and women will enjoy the benefits of Giordana’s new product line as we work together to provide them the optimum support for success on the road.”

Giordana has enjoyed ongoing successes with professional teams and events since the 1980's.  A former supplier to Le Tour De France, Giordana is one of a small number of brands still made in Italy. It is also part of an even smaller group of cycling clothing manufacturers who actually develop and make their products in their own factory. 

“We are thrilled to be aligned with ORICA-BikeExchange,” Giorgio Andretta, founder of Giordana, stated. 

“We have developed an entirely new line of garments to help the athletes perform at their best.

“Our new FormaRed-Carbon® Pro (FR-C® Pro) line will make up the core of the kits we supply the team. It’s our new, top of the line collection with a diverse range of garments for racing and training. Our goal with FR-C Pro was to set the bar high in regards to innovation and performance to handle any riding condition throughout the year.

“Moving forward, we will continue to evolve the Giordana range with the feedback we garner from partnering with the ORICA-BikeExchange teams.” 

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About Giordana
Founded and run by passionate cyclists, Giordana apparel traces its roots back to 1972 when founder Giorgio Andretta first imported Italian cycling apparel, of his design, into North America.

In 1979 Mr. Andretta trademarked the Giordana name in honor of his new daughter and the Giordana brand was officially born.

Recently, Giordana opened its own manufacturing facility with all-new state of the art machinery in Italy. This signalled a rebirth of the brand with Andretta taking full control of all aspects of the business, from the research and development process all the way to final construction.

For more than 40 years Giordana has remained at the forefront of the sport. It has been worn and endorsed by leading athletes and marquee events. Giordana has been sought out as the official apparel by numerous professional teams and events, including the Tour de France, the US PRO Championships, the Tour of Qatar and the Tour of Oman.

It has been ridden to victories in all those events, as well as in Olympic Games and UCI World Championships. Top teams to wear Giordana have included Motorola, CSC, ONCE, Cofidis, and Silber Pro Cycling.

These relationships have pushed Giordana to be a leader in the world of cycling wear and have been instrumental in the development of best-in-class apparel, like the top of the range FR-C® Pro line.