ORICA-GreenEDGE Announces Partnership with Bollé

Fri 11 Jan 2013

Bollé has produced increasingly innovative sunglasses lenses and frames for over 120 years. Omnipresent in professional road cycling in the 1980’s and 90’s, worn by famous cyclists such as Miguel Indurain (5 times winner of the Tour de France), Pedro Delgado, Alex Zülle, Laurent Jalabert and Leontien Von Moorsel (3 times Olympic Champion), Bollé has applied its reputed heritage and current expertise to return to the discipline’s highest level.

With its range of innovative, optimized glasses for cycling, Bollé has won over the Australian team ORICA-GreenEDGE, and will now be its official supplier for the next two years.

This top-line partnership will see Bollé working with a young and dynamic team, whose rampant success reflects the quality and competitive nature of its 38 athletes (28 men and 10 women). Driven by talent such as Matthew Goss, Simon Gerrans, Michael Albasini, Luke Durbridge, but also experiences riders like Baden Cooke and Stuart O’Grady, the athletes of ORICA-GreenEDGE have already created a sensation in the cycling world, and will undoubtedly be fine ambassadors for Bollé’s expertise in this field.

Olivier Ciaravino, President of the Bushnell Eyewear Division, says: “Road cycling is part of Bollé’s DNA. We’re very proud and enthusiastic to be returning to this sport as a partner to the most appealing of the professional racing teams. Our ambitions with ORICA Green EDGE are unlimited, and we intend to deliver the best glasses available to our riders.”

In its constant search for innovation and top performance, the brand has developed the “Cycling Ultimate” range, which offers cutting-edge technology that combines high-tech lenses and optimal frame design (adjustable nosepads, vented frames, optical clip, etc...).

NXT™ technology plus Modulator Bollé technology (photochromic lenses) for perfect vision in all light conditions. Bollé B-Clear lenses are based on a Trivex NXT™ structure for unparalleled optical quality and feather weight. Offering similar quality of vision to mineral glass, the Bollé B-Clear lens is 75% lighter (and 10% lighter than a polycarbonate lens), and brings with it maximum resistance to impact. The lens also offers hydrophobic (so that drops of water fly away), and oleophobic (to fend off dirt) coatings. Modulator Bollé technology is a real plus for all-weather riding!

More than a simple coating, Bollé photochromic technology is actually integrated into the lens material at molecular level:

- The glass lightens or darkens according to light intensity.
- No need to change lenses during your ride, they automatically adapt to the conditions.
- With perfect protection, your eyes are no longer inconvenienced by harmful UV rays.


Today, Bollé offers the widest range of photochromic lenses, with four different shades to meet the requirements and comfort expectations of all cycling adepts:

- Photo Clear Grey: Light gray (low light levels) to dark gray (high light levels) lenses, ideal for all conditions.
- Photo Rose Gun: Light pink to dark pink lenses, with a silver flash mirror screen for optimal visual acuity in higher intensity light conditions.
- Photo Rose: Light to dark pink lenses which improve contrasts.
- Photo Amber: Amber to dark brown lenses offering sharp contrast for changeable weather conditions.

To mark its return to competition with ORICA-GreenEDGE, Bollé has brought out two exclusive models, bearing the colors of its new ambassadors! The Vortex model is now available in white or green for riding the most beautiful roads and toughest summits, with a team that is more than ever prepared to achieve great results.