ORICA-GreenEDGE with cards to play for Italian double-header this weekend

Wed 23 Jul 2014

ORICA-GreenEDGE will line up for Italian one-day races GP Industria and Artigianato and Giro della Toscana this weekend with a number of cards to play in pursuit of victory.

Coming straight off solid mid-season training stints, the team will be fresh as they kick start the second half of the season.

The eight riders who will line up in Italy are: Adam Yates, Brett Lancaster, Cameron Meyer, Damien Howson, Ivan Santaromita, Matthew Goss, Pieter Weening and Sam Bewley.

Sport director David McPartland says the team is looking strong and will keep their options open until the racing legs are tested in the first couple of hours of Saturday’s race.

“It is difficult to say who will lead the team this weekend,” McPartland said.

“Obviously these are all guys who haven’t done the Tour de France so they are all coming off their own training or team training camps.

“They are all strong, fit and healthy coming out of a good three-week training block but we are a little unsure with speed which is normal having not raced for three or four weeks.  We are always going to be a bit in the dark there until we get racing.

“Having said that the races are quite selective, especially the first one and on paper more suit guys like Pieter Weening and Adam Yates. Most of the other guys will see how far they can go and will likely play more of a supportive role.”

Incorporating some challenging circuits, McPartland expects the two races to be contested by select groups at the finish.

“These are typical Italian classics,” he said.

“They are long hot summer races, both in the Tuscany area of Italy, and they are solid without being super hard.

“The GP Industria and Artigianato has initial laps of a reasonably flat but undulating circuit but then it finishes off in Larciano with a hilly circuit going up the 7km San Boronto climb four times.

“The next day, Toscana, is actually harder in the middle part of the day with some long climbs but then there is a descent down before the finish circuit that has a sharp climb in it.

“They are both really selective in the finale.”

Orica-GreenEDGE for GP Industria and Artigianato and Giro della Toscana

Adam Yates
Brett Lancaster
Cameron Meyer
Damien Howson
Ivan Santaromita
Matthew Goss
Pieter Weening
Sam Bewley