Q&A With Nettie Edmondson on Oceania Championships

Sun 24 Nov 2013

Nettie Edmondson raced three events at the Oceania Championships this past week. She returned to Australia with three medals – a silver medal (team pursuit) and two golds (omnium, points race). Edmondson’s omnium win was particularly dominant. She won all six races that make up the event – a feat she had previously accomplished at the Oceania Championships last year.

Back in Australia, Edmondson reviews her successful week of racing. Read on to learn what she had to say about her racing, results and upcoming objectives.

Q. What were your objectives for the Oceania Championships?

To win the Omnium (which would give me an automatic start at the World Championships if selected by Cycling Australia management) and to gain start points in the points race to be eligible to race in points races at 2014 world cups if so desired. I also went to gain more experience in the team pursuit.

Q: How satisfied are you with what you accomplished?

I’m very pleased. I went out to win the Omnium and I did just that. The team pursuit was great. Although we missed out on gold by three-tenths of a second, the youngsters I was with (Kelsey Robson, Georgia Baker and Elisa Wundersitz) did a brilliant job and definitely stepped up for the occasion. To win the points race was just an added bonus.

Q: Talk us through the team pursuit. What was that experience like with the team assembled for Oceanias? What went right/wrong?

My team consisted of two 18-year-olds, a 19 year old and myself (editor’s note: Nettie turns 22 in three weeks). We were sent to New Zealand for experience and for a challenge. We only had two efforts together prior to competition so we knew we would be a bit rusty. However, we had no pressure. We just had to go out and do the best we could.

We qualified 1.5s behind New Zealand with a slightly slower time than expected. We sharpened up for the final and executed our plan almost perfectly which resulted in an eight second improvement. While this wasn't quite enough for the win, it was definitely an impressive ride from such a young team.

Q: Six for six! What did that feel like?

I've dont that twice before, at last year's Oceanias and at the Omnium National Championships last year. Luckily for me, most of my opposition had raced a few more races than I had at the championships, leaving my legs slightly fresher, but it was definitely a good feeling. We took each race as it came and focused on executing each plan to get the most out of the racing.

Q: Describe the points race. Why did you decide to add that into your program after all?

I added the points race in at the last minute due to the new UCI rules.  By racing at a class one event, I could get enough points to race at the World Cups in 2014. It was just an insurance policy in case I want to change my focus from the omnium to the points race in 2014.

Q: What personal improvements have you seen since the World Cup?

I am definitely in better shape now than I was at the World Cup, due to spending more time on the track. I have also noticed improvements in my bunch races - an area that certainly needed work. I'm more switched on and more confident to go out and make a difference in those races.

Q: What's up next?

I’m dealing with a minor sinus issue later this week that I anticipate will have me off the bike for about a week. My next training block is focused on the Omnium and Madison Nationals on the19th of December.