RIDER REACTION: 2018 Giro d'Italia

Sun 27 May 2018

We caught up with all eight of our Giro d'Italia riders and asked them to complete the difficult task of wrapping up a huge three weeks of racing in a few short words. Hear what they had to say:

Sam Bewley:
"It’s really been an incredible Giro for us this year. Obviously when we lost the lead on stage 19 it was difficult day but you don’t have to look too deep to realise that what we have done here as a group has been a huge step in the direction this team is heading.

"We will finish in Rome with lots of success, some lessons learned but most importantly with our heads held high and a huge amount of pride."

Esteban Chaves:
"This Giro for the team was exactly how my relationship is with Italy - up and down, beautiful and hard moments, happy and sad moments - but like always I love to race here and I have loved to race this Giro. 

"A big thanks at all the team for bring me to Rome."

Jack Haig:
"I'm super happy with the way this Giro turned out, even if we didn't come away with the win.

"I think as a team we should be super proud, we've achieved some amazing things - multiple stage wins and a number of days in the pink jersey.

"It's been one of the most enjoyable three weeks racing I've had. The way the team come together and commit 100% to our goals."

Chris Juul-Jensen:
"It's been an incredible three weeks. The way we have worked together throughout the entire race makes this year's Giro one of my most enjoyable experiences as a rider. Day in, day out we have shown and proven that our strength is how we ride together.

"Obviously we all dreamt of riding into Rome with Simon in pink. Nevertheless, when we look back on what's been achieved since we arrived from Israel, the five stage victories and the collective effort put into the 21 stages, it overshadows any doubt that this has been a successful Giro."

Roman Kreuziger:
"That was an amazing Giro starting from Israel a long time ago, going to Sicily and after to main land.

"We are a group of riders who supported everyone for the whole three weeks in every single moment,and that is the reason why we reached all this success in this was very pity when we loose Esteban chance to go for GC but Simon kept the morale and focused always high.After the crack of Simon,the team showed again the inside power with the win of Mikel.As I said many times,team win together but also can loose again together.But we can leave this race really proud of what we did and how we raced.Can’t forget to say a word about staff which is super important and they did amazing job whole period,without them would be impossible.

Mikel Nieve:
"I think that it's been a really good and succesful Giro for us. It's a bit sad after seeing how close we were to the overall victory but, with five stages victories and having the leader's jersey almost all the Giro, we have been the protagonists.

"The way that the team rode, taking the weight of the race, has been sensational and until the final we fought to win the Giro."

Svein Tuft:
"This Giro was a very special one for me. Having been a part of this team since the beginning in 2012, I've seen this group of riders grow into a GC contending team that still retains the original culture from day one.

"It's the first time this team has defended for such a long period. This showed the depth of this team on the full spectrum.

"I couldn't have imagined a better team to spend three weeks smashing it with. I will remember this for the rest of my life."

Simon Yates:
"What a journey. We started with a big plan to win the overall and we committed to that plan from the very beginning. We didn't get there in the end, but we had a good run there and I dont think I would change anything, I would do the same again.

"The guys have been fantastic, really supported me from the very beginning and for this is the most enjoyable Grand Tour I have ever done.

"I'll be back."