RIDER REACTION: 2020 Tour de France

Sun 20 Sep 2020

As the Tour de France came to a close today, we spoke to each of our riders to get their thoughts on the past three-weeks of racing: 

Jack Bauer:
“For me it was a very unique Tour, I’ve never been in a team that has worn yellow before, so for Adam to hold the jersey for four days and for us to help him out in doing so was very special.

“Of course, we came here to try and bag a few stage wins and we leave with two seconds with Luka and a third with Adam, so some very, very near misses. It’s disappointing not to win, but we have it our all over the three weeks. 

“I think it’s been a very enjoyable three weeks for the whole team, disappointing to only finish with six of the boys, two of the boys had to go home early, but they’ll be back stronger. I’ll look to next year to try and bag my elusive stage.”

Sam Bewley (withdrawal stage 10):
“It was a short lived Tour de France for me and a real disappointment to have to leave the race injured but I’ve now had time to reflect on those 10 days and how special they were.

“We had the yellow jersey in the world’s biggest bike race and we defended it with pride. It was amazing to race my first Tour de France and to share that yellow jersey success with the boys.”

Esteban Chaves:
“Personally, it was pretty beautiful one, my last Tour was a really rough one, from my memory I arrived in Paris super painful.

“So, this one is a pretty different one, it’s one I will remember all my life, because we had four lions on the bus and that was pretty nice. The yellow jersey is special for every team, for every organisation, and being part of that is something I will never forget.”

Daryl Impey:
“From a personal point, I’m emotional because it’s my last Tour with the team, I’ve had a good nine years with the team here. But it was nice to have the yellow jersey, to relive that moment was really nice with the guys.

“Personally I didn’t have a great Tour, but I think as a team we ticked a few boxes and it was nice to see Mezza nearly get to stages and obviously Yatesy with yellow, yeah we wanted a stage win, which would have been nice, but I think as group we leave with good feelings and everyone is pretty happy." 

Chris Juul-Jensen
"This year's Tour de France was very special. After months of no racing and plenty of uncertainty then it was with a feeling of enormous relief that I started the Tour in Nice.

"The last 3 weeks have been great! We’ve had the yellow jersey and made an impact on the biggest race in the world. And like always the team was committed everyday.

"Racing with Mitchelton-SCOTT is always fun. And this year was no exception. It was great to be back."

Luka Mezgec:
“It was a great experience. It was actually much harder than expected, much rougher surface, so I was quite in shock, for the first two laps I was like ‘woah, this is kind of hard.’

“It was a little bit weird because of there were no crowds, I saw lots of Slovenian flags, but still I cannot imagine how much better it can be when everything is full.

“The final sprint, I was just not in a good position. I actually didn’t feel so good and I spent too much trying to get in a good position in the final corner.

“We expected more, at least a stage win and we were a few times really close, but my for my personal success I’m really satisfied.” 

Mikel Nieve (withdrawal stage 17):
“From my perspective this Tour has been really difficult. I crashed pretty hard in the first day and from then my back problems kept getting worse and worse. I had some better days and I was hopeful to get better, but in the final was not possible to continue. It's been frustrating to not be more helpful to the team and to not give my best but sometimes you have to accept it.  

“As a team I think that we've done a good job, especially when Adam had a yellow jersey during some days. For sure that we hoped for a bit more and with a stage win would have been a good Tour but in some moments we lacked a bit of luck to get it. Although the results haven’t been the bests, every Tour you learn something and for sure we will take the positive things from there and use them in the future.

“I would like to give thanks to whole team for taking care of us like they do. And especially to Dan and Asier who been working with my injury so hard every day." 

Adam Yates:
“All-in-all I think we can be happy. As we said at the very beginning we never came here with ambitions of riding the general classification and in the end we came out with a top-10 in the biggest bike race in the world.  

“The whole race we rode well as a team and stayed focused throughout and I think we can be proud of what we did here.”

Photo courtesy of Bettini Photo.