Tributes to Mathew Hayman

Sun 20 Jan 2019

As Mat Hayman hangs up the wheels after an incredibly long and successful career, it is clear to see the impact he has had on the peloton and his teammates over the years.

Sharing his wealth of experience, Hayman is known for his selfless teamwork and guidance as a valuable road captain and an inspiration for many. Results wise, the 2016 Paris-Roubaix will always rise above, but there's alot more to Mathew Hayman than that one magical day.

Here’s what some of his teammates, past and present had to say:

Sam Bewley - “I really enjoyed my years racing with Mat and consider myself lucky to have been able to do so. Although he still always had ambitions of his own he was always the first to offer help and guidance whether that was through conversation or by leading the way on the bike. 

“He was an incredible road captain and somebody that I have learnt so much from in the past and continue to now. He’ll be missed in the bunch by many but I’m excited for him with what the next chapter brings and wish him nothing but success.”

Michael Albasini - It was a big pleasure and honour to be a team mate of Mathew Hayman. I remember before he joined GreenEDGE I listened to a discussion about Australian world championships selection. When they went through a possible roster they started with his name before anybody else. I asked why they were they so sure he’ll be selected. They told me, that he’s always the first rider selected because he is indispensable for every team. 

“The next season, he joined us and I understood quickly what they meant. He always was the most reliable rider when there was a difficult job to do. For nearly two decades, race by race!

“Of course his amazing win at Paris-Roubaix remains in the mind of the people and shows what a big rider he is, but the proper significance of his career you only can understand when you have raced as his teammate.  I’m very happy that I had the possibility to be his teammate. Thank you Hayminator for a great time!”

Gracie Elvin - "I always admired Mat’s career from afar but didn’t get the chance to get to know him better until he joined GreenEDGE. I look up to his work ethic and relate to his love of the Classics, as I love them so much too. His persistence with his favorite race Paris-Roubaix was motivating even before he won it, but I will never forget that epic day. His words “Just keep riding” struck such a deep chord with me and they are words I tell myself regularly when times or races get tough.
"He’s one of the good guys, a friend to all of us women and not just the guys. I hope that he can continue to share his years of experience with riders in the future because he has so much to offer."

Esteban Chaves - I’m sure you will feel nervous in your final professional race like you felt when you were participated in you first professional race, that is because you love this sport, you are a professional guy and always you want to do the best. 

“I joke a lot to you because I say you are old and you know is true, but even when you are 40-years-old you continue to act like a young fella, feel nervous, anxious and maybe some times scared. This is why you are a good example for the team and the young guys because we can see is completely normal having this feeling and continue to go and train, race and follow the dreams.

“Thanks ´Boss` for all your words, for sharing with me your experience, I’m pretty happy because one day I will say to my grand children about how you became a ´KING OF THE NORTH` with so much pride and excitement. See you soon for finish our business.” 

Simon Gerrans - For many years Mat Hayman has been one of the most respected riders in the peloton. I admired his work ethic and his professionalism. Mat and I were teammates at Team Sky, GreenEDGE and many occasions representing Australia. 

“I always looked forward to racing alongside Mat, not only is he a great mate but I also knew our chance of winning increased by him being in the team. I wish him all the best in his final race and future endeavours beyond the professional peloton.”

Jens Keukeleire - “I learned a lot from Mat the years we raced together and most importantly in the classics. His experience, and his professionalism as an athlete always inspired me. Even in his last years as a rider he was still investing in his career and trying to improve. Also, he was a super nice guy to have around. Not afraid to say his opinion and was honest to everybody. I think everybody that raced with him will agree that he is a very important rider to have in a team.”

Luke Durbridge - “Hayman has and will continue to be a role model of mine. The way he is such a family focused, caring and well rounded Aussie bloke but still does not compromise on doing the extra one percent for performance. 

“I´ve always been amazed by Hayman’s attention to detail in the way he approaches his life. Nothing is left to chance and that’s why he has been our fearless leader for so many years. Watching and being apart of him winning Paris-Roubaix was still to this day, one of the best moments for me on the bike. Hayman is a role model but also a good friend and I have so much respect for him.

“I’m super excited for what’s next for Hayman and I’m just glad that we get to have him around the team still and will get to hang out and chat through his classics war stories and hopefully I can continue to learn even more of such a great character of our sport.”

Congratulations on a great career - we are glad you are staying with us!