Secret Training & Mitchelton-SCOTT collaborate for fruitful sports nutrition partnership

Mon 15 Jan 2018

Mitchelton-SCOTT is excited to announce a new partnership with Secret Training, which will see the team use their sports nutrition products, better known as ‘Stealth’, for the next two seasons. 

More than your typical sponsorship, the partnership will see the two parties work closely together to continue to develop the best sports nutrition on the market.

Secret Training’s owner Tim Lawson is responsible for many of the nutritional advances now used routinely in the pro cycling peloton, including the use of protein carbohydrate recovery drinks and true isotonic energy gels, and prides himself and the brand on using their experience and attention to detail to source the best ingredients possible and develop better products for optimum performance.

Lawson said collaboration with teams such as Mitchelton-SCOTT offers the Secret Training team an unrivalled position to develop their product range, with feedback from the very best cyclists in the world. 

“We really value the work that we do with our elite teams, the help and feedback we obtain is a fundamental means through which we are able to go on to produce the very best products,” Lawson said. 

“We are absolutely delighted to be working with Mitchelton-SCOTT to further develop our range, and very much look forward to supporting the team.”

Performance Director Kevin Tabotta is confident the new partnership is the start of a fruitful relationship between the two parties. 

“Nutrition is a critical performance focus for the team, and we did our homework to identify a nutrition partner for the future that was going to be able to provide the team with the highest standard products that will also best fit our overall nutrition strategy for the team,” Tabotta said. “Secret Training topped our criteria, and so we are delighted to have them on board.”

“One real key is that Tim and his team design their products with a great understanding the demands of road cycling at the highest level, for racing, training and recovery. They have optimised the nutritional composition of their products, and they have also worked hard to have the right range of flavours across the products. Importantly, their products are really gentle on the stomach.”

“Perhaps best of all is that Secret Training and are super motivated to keep developing and so will work closely with the team’s riders and sports science staff to refine and create new products.” 

Secret Training will partner all three GreenEDGE teams – the men’s and women’s Mitchelton-SCOTT outfits and the Chinese Continental team Mitchelton-BikeExchange.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.