Strengths still there for Bookwalter who signs with Mitchelton-SCOTT for another season

Sun 20 Oct 2019

American Brent Bookwalter will ride another season with Mitchelton-SCOTT, having battled bravely through a difficult opening season with the squad in 2019.

After making the move to join Mitchelton-SCOTT after 11 seasons with his former team, Bookwalter has suffered a year of bad luck with untimely illnesses, crashes and injuries. 

But with the initial adaption period complete, 2020 opens up the opportunity for the 35-year-old to show exactly what attracted the team to him - a wealth of experience and leadership for their younger leaders.

Brent Bookwalter:
“In some ways it’s been a long season, I think I underestimated the challenge of change but I maybe also underestimated the positivity, inspiration and invigoration it also brought.  I was a little smacked in the face with the change after being in the same place for so long but it was a breath of fresh air to help find my best self.

“I didn’t check off all the boxes or finish all of the business that I set out to do this season but it’s given me some perspective on what it takes to be a cyclist at the top level. It has made me realise I have been really fortunate over 10 years to have been really consistent and really healthy and this year was one of my least healthy or productive seasons. That said, there’s still moments I look back on and I’m proud of.

“I’m coming out of the season better than when I went in, on different levels than I would have expected.

“At this point of my career I’m pretty open in terms of race program, it’s more about how I can best utilise my experience and my skills to contribute to this team in the most impactful way possible. The little taste I got of doing that with Simon and Adam this year in the GC races and it’s something I’d like to continue doing.”  

Matt White – Head Sports Director:
“Brent has, by his standards, had a year he probably wants to forget.

“He has had some illnesses and untimely injuries, but he is an experienced campaigner and we brought him to the team because we see the value in his experience and his leadership.

“The reason he is staying is because we know things happen in a career and in a season, but we know how hard he is working and we know the value to the team he can be.”

Brent Bookwalter 
Date of Birth: 16th February 1984
Nationality: North American
Place of birth: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Turned Pro: 2008 
Joined Mitchelton-SCOTT: 2019

Image courtesy of Kramon.