Tour de France - Press Conference Highlights

Fri 5 Jul 2019

Mitchelton-SCOTT held their final press conference ahead fo the Grand Depart fo the 2019 Tour de France.  

Quote highlights are provided below:

Adam Yates:
“I found out (at the Dauphine) that I was in pretty good condition. I had a small break after Liege and then started training again back in Andorra.  I had about a week off and slowly built into it but (at the Dauphine) I was able to carry on where I left off in staying consistent and being up there in all of the climbing stages. Obviously there was a little hiccup with the illness in the end there, but in general I was in good condition and felt good.

“The first main (stage) for us as a team is the TTT. The last one I did, we won in Tirreno. But for me personally, (I’m looking forward to) the first mountain stage. It’s the first mountain top finish and a couple of years ago when I lived in France I wasn’t too far away so I actually know the climb quite well. It’s the first mountain stage and you always get a good idea of who is going well and how you’re going yourself, so stage six will be the first major challenge.

“I knew most of the climbs this Tour. The only ones I didn’t know where stages 18, 19 and 20 - the ones at the end. For some reason, I’ve never actually been in this area – I’ve never had a training camp there, never raced there, I’ve somehow managed to avoid it. But before the Dauphine, I travelled there with my girlfriend and we did all three. They are really tough stages, especially at the backend (of the race). It’s going to be pretty tricky.

“(Altitude) in the past has never really bothered me. These days I do a lot of altitude training, and I live in Andorra so I’m pretty much at altitude if I’m not at a race. It effects everyone differently but so far it hasn’t given me any major problems, it’s just another thing you have to deal with.”

Jack Haig:
“I think it’ll all sink in once we get into the Tour. At the moment it’s a bit bigger than any other race I’ve done – coming here and having all of you here is a bit different, but I think I’ll notice the impact of the Tour de France once we start racing on the road.

“I’m incredibly excited to experience my first one and the team has been really good, I don’t have a lot of pressure in the role I’m in and they are allowing me to experience the Tour de France for what it is. Hopefully then, if I do come back, I can come back with a little bit more pressure and be able to perform.”

Matt White:
“Our number one priority is to chase one jersey, and that’s the yellow one. I think it’s one of the most open Tour de France we’ve seen in the last 10 years and our goal is to give Adam the best support possible to arrive as high as we can.

“I think this group, and I’m not joking, is the strongest group we’ve ever been able to put together for the Tour de France - the most versatile group and the most depth we’ve had across the board.

“We’re not concentrating on a sprint front, as we have in the past, our primary goal is general classification and stage hunting will come along the way.

“It’s a great group, with a lot of experience. When you look at it, it’s quite a young team. Daryl (Impey) is the only rider over 30 but there’s a lot experience across the board.”

Photo courtesy of Kramon.