Two in top ten of Ladies Tour of Norway prologue

Fri 15 Aug 2014

ORICA-AIS finished the opening prologue of the Ladies Tour of Norway with two top ten places courtesy of Melissa Hoskins and Annette Edmondson this evening.

The pair, who finish seventh and eighth respectively, came into the three-day race after a period of track racing for the recent Commonwealth Games, where Edmondson won the scratch race gold medal.

On what was a short but extremely technical course both finished 12seconds Marianne Vos (RBW) who won in 3min 39seconds.

“Nettie (Edmondson) and Mel (Hoskins) were certainly right in the thick of it,” sport director Gene Bates said.

“Both had great rides, they put their best foot forward on a short technical course and that is the result they came up with so they have to be happy with that.

“It was only a 2.8km course and there was probably ten corners in it, and really technical type stuff.  It is probably something that they aren’t quite used to coming off the track and straight line stuff but they did the best they could and they had great rides.”

The race hits the open roads tomorrow for the first of two road stages.  The ORICA-AIS team promising to be aggressive using the knowledge collected during their recent training camp in the area.

“We got a good look at the course (during our training camp),” Bates said.

“It’s going to be a beautiful ride for the staff, not so much for the riders.

“It is really lumpy, quite up and down the whole stage and then they finish on the same course that they used in the prologue, they just use it as a circuit, so it’s going to be a tight and hectic finish.

“We will certainly be looking to be super aggressive when we get to the circuit and try to sneak back a few of these seconds. 

“At the end of the day it is still really close in the overall. There is no clear leader, it’ll all come down to bonuses.”