National Championships - Europe + Canada - Race Overview


1st Emma Johansson, Swedish National Time Trial Championships
1st Tomas Vaitkus, Lithuanian National Road Race Championships
2nd Loes Gunnewijk, Dutch National Time Trial Championships
2nd Christian Meier, Canadian Time Trial Championships
2nd Emma Johansson, Swedish National Road Race Championships
3rd Sebastian Langeveld, Dutch National Road Race Championships
7th Loes Gunnewijk, Dutch National Road Race Championships3
10th Jens Mouris, Dutch National Time Trial Championships 


“It doesn’t matter if the whole world is here or just the Swedish world. Every race is important to me, and wearing the champion’s jersey is a big thing. I had to dig deep to pull off the win. I couldn’t show up and be totally relaxed about it.” - Emma Johansson, following her time trial win

"I did everything in preparation well, and I did everything I could today. I took the corners well. I went as fast as I possibly could. Ellen has been strong the whole year. I think she was the girl that could only lose today. She was the big favourite. I’m happy. It’s always good to stand on the podium at the nationals – well, not always, but today I was more happy with second place than I’ve been in the past." - Loes Gunnewijk, following her time trial silver

"Though it wasn't quite the ride I was hoping for today I can't be too disappointed. Going last off today in reverse order of last years race, I was chasing Hugo Houle (AG2R), and I had him as the guy to beat. I was playing my ride off his time splits. As I was making good time on him, I thought I was going pretty well. In the end a relative new name on the nationals scene proved to be the surprise of the day. Though a relative unknown rider, Curtis Dearden is a TT specialist who came to the championships to compete exclusively in the TT. Maybe I played to much off what I thought were my main rivals but I give credit to the winner for putting in a great performance." - Christian Meier, following his time trial silver

"What a heavy race! I was definitely the champ in coming back to the bunch today. I missed a little bit of power on the short, steep climbs in comparions to Marianne Vos (Rabobank), Annemiek van Vleuten (Rabobank) and Ellen van Dijk (Specialized lululemon) and ended up n seventh. My condition is good, and I'm ready for the Giro!" - Loes Gunnewijk, following Dutch National Road Race Championships

“Going solo early was a gamble. I knew I could end up in trouble if the girls behind got organized, but I also knew there was a chance they wouldn’t, so it seemed worth the risk. I did a good race. Looking back, I don’t know what I could have done differently. When they caught me with one lap to go, they still expected me to do all the work. It felt like the whole field was racing against me, and that’s always difficult. I think showed that I’m the strongest, but the strongest doesn’t always win. Sometimes the smartest wins, and today, Emilia [Fahlin] (Hitec Products UCK) was the smartest. I’m disappointed, of course. I really wanted to wear the jersey for another year." - Emma Johansson, following her road race silver

"It’s a good feeling to win the race and wear the national jersey. It’s always special. I feel better and more confident with my condition. I think this is a good time for me to have this performance and show improvements." - Tomas Vaitkus, following his road race win